Bob Dylan and Other news…

Yes, this week I’ve been to see BB King and Bob Dylan.  I’ve seen BB before so knew what to expect.  He’s old (85) but still plays Lucile well.  He sits and sings and plucks the strings whilst we all marvel at how he can still do that at his age!  Bob Dylan? I’ve never seen him play before but he’s on Matt’s list so we paid $120 ish to see him play, along with BB, at the Entertainment Center (think NEC but in Adelaide).

Now, I know that Mr Dylan is a big deal… He’s Mr BOB DYLAN but does that excuse him from saying something to the thousands of people who paid to see him?  A hello? A nod? An Acknowledgement of our existence? ANYTHING?!!  Apparently it does.  Showman he is not.  He stood in his big hat either behind his keyboard or in the middle of the stage and “sang” and played without once taking a break to say g’day.  Strange… and to me.. rather irritating.

His band were pretty good and obviously well into his music.  What an honour to play with Bob D everyday!  What I don’t get is when Bob Dylan turned into a Mixture of Mickey from Rocky, a Dinosaur and a pirate.  Just have a listen…..

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  1. Gaynor 9 years ago

    Did you have to kill my illusion???? It should have been kept under lock and key


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