Bon Voyage Les Petit Chats.

A bientot!

A Bientot!

First of all, apologies to anyone who can actually speak french and thereby notice the (probably) horrific grammatical and spelling errors!

Whilst I was sleeping this evening my kitties were being driven down to London in the general direction of the airport.  They don’t actually fly until 10pm (UK time) on Tuesday but as it was a teacher training day today for the mother we planned it all so that they could come and get them whilst she was in.

Apparently, the most stressful part for them that morning was at the vets where poor ol Stan was out of his box for so long ( about 45 mins) whilst the vet apparently faffed about a bit that he decided to growl at him! (Well done that cat!)  The wooden box that they’ve been sent off in has their names on it (Cute) and apparently was big enough for my Mum to squeeze in ( not sure how literally to take that).  It was covered in straw at the bottom and had a nice bowl of water for in transit drinking.  Excellent.  Of course, they were also allowed to take their blankies from their beds so they can have the stinky stink of home up their nostrils all the way.

So, about now they should be in a cattery watching the aeroplanes fly off into the distance and wondering what on earth we’re up to.  I imagine Stan has gone to sleep, resigning himself to the fact that what ever it is is going to happen anyway and Hendrix is plotting a plan of revenge or at least a long grumble when we sees me again in 4 weeks.  I must remember to email the quarantine station and give them my new Aussie mobile number!

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