Bunnings Warehouse

Firstly a big thank you to all at Shenley who signed that lovely card. Yours was the first we opened and it was great to see so many people’s names in it. It was lovely. Thanks to Mummy Moo and to Auntie Mel too. Yours arrived in the same postbag :). Ann your “welcome to your new home” card arrived on Tuesday; i bet you wish LOF had warned you, then you could have saved yourself a stamp! 😉

The good news is that it seems that the stuff I sprayed in the letter box seems to have detered the 8 legged nasty killing machines. ( the last one is still on the dining room table Shiver) That doesn’t mean though that once the post has been delivered (usually at lunch time) that we don’t take the post out with a big stick and then stab it a lot just to make sure no-one is sat on there.

I’ve been to Bunnings Warehouse to buy some meaner stuff which pledges to get rid of the critters for a minumum of 6 months . If it walks in my letter box it dies a horrible death.

Bunning Warehouse is B+Q ( but it has a catchier theme tune see the ads here). It’s so much like B+ Q that when I walked down the gardening isle and was met by the lighting department for a minute there I thought I was in Redditch. Everything is much cheaper though. The plants in particular. A big shrub which would be about 15 pounds in the uk is 8 dollars here. Nice. If I wasn’t so scared of the bloody spiders that would live in them I would plant some.

Any way, my visit went something like this…
Conversation in Bunnings Warehouse:

Me: Hi, can you help me? I need some stuff to murder some 8 legged animals which keep coming into my letter box. They look suspiciously like red backs.
Him: Red backs! laughs yeah.. what you got there.
Me: Spider killer from two brands. This one has a picuture of a red back on it but I want to make sure I’m buying really powerful stuff. Is it likely to be red back do you think? It had the same markings.
Him: Yeah probably. They’re everywhere.
Me: Really!? My landlord said I’d have to be really unluky.
Him: nah. I live in the hills and they’re everywhere. Where do you live?
Me: Westbeach – by the sea (always add that because it’s exciting)
Him: Ah well there won’t be as many there but they’ll be about.
When I was a kid we used to have a basement in our house. We stored all our stuff down there you know? Well you used to turn the light on and the walls would be crawling with them. Everywhere.
Me: Eurgh! Shivering and squirming
Him: Nah they’re nothing mate! They’re pretty harmless really.
Me: Really? Maybe it’s coming form the U.K. or something but we’re taught that they’ll kill you!
HIm: Yeah but it takes hours to take any effect and then you just get a really bad headache. You go to the hospital and they give you anti-venom and you’re fine.
Mum used to send me down into the basement with an insect bomb. I’d set it off and then watch them crawl out of their crevices and when they were on the floor Makes stamping motions on the floor
Me: Oh my god! Weren’t you scared?
Him shrugs shoulders A little bit but they’re everywhere where I am. You don’t need to be worrying about them it’s the silver tips and ?? (can’t remember the other name) that you need to worry about if they bite ya..
Me: Oh my god what are they? IN fact I don’t want to know.
Him: Yeah i was gonna say. DOn’t want to put you off our beautiful country now do we?

Only in Australia!


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