Cat rock

No they don’t have glowing eyes and are not evil

I went out for a walk at lunchtime to see what I could see. I decided that I would attempt to coax one of the feral cats from “Cat Rock” into being my new best friend. He/She (I wasn’t fussy) would then spend hours on the beach reading and chasing bits of seaweed. Alas, it wasn’t to be. I saw 5 who ran off as I approached. One who just looked at me funny as I made the usual sucking through teeth noises, I even removed my sun glasses so that it could see my eyes and then squinted merrily to encourage it to move into my space. It just squinted back and wiggled it’s ears. Obviously, not being a cat, I have no idea what this meant and I certainly couldn’t recipricate with ear wigglage!

Then I spotted a small, hand sized, black kitten. He must have been about 8 weeks old. He had a weepy eye – which reminded me of Stoof when he was a weeny. I thought ” a ha! young and impressionable and not yet too feral!” and duely grabbed a stick to wiggle near it, to see if, like all Kittens, it couldn’t resist and pounce. It did. It resisted. In fact it just looked at me out of one eye as if to say ” Who are you? Who are you?”

I gave up.

At 5:30 I decided to go back to cat rock for pictures of afformentioned. Earlier, when the sun was out, they were to be seen lying, with little care for the world, across the rocks sunning themselves and enjoying the view (which was of course being somewhat obsucured by the mad human who didn’t even bring food! – how rude of me!)

The sun was setting so i thought I’d get some nice “sunset at cat rock” shots but BOY can those cats move when you try to take their picture! Unfortunately the little kitten was staying well out of my way. I did see a Stan-a-like but when I politely enquired as to his name, he ran off to. Leaving blurry shots everywhere. So, appologies for the quality of these shots. I will try again tommorrow when the cats are enjoying the sun sooo much they can’t be bothered to move!

I did get some cool sunset pics though 🙂


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