Cat Scratched, Breast Feeding Citizen.

He’s nearly 2 months old. On Tuesday, he will hit the 8 week milestone and have his first round of injections. He can lift his head and turn it, smile and the list of sounds and noises he can make is growing week by week. Over the last few weeks he has struggled to sleep in the day which has meant I’ve been whacked! I’ve also been listening and learning so that I can help him get the snoozes he needs.

I think the most important thing I’ve learnt is to stop trying to get him to do what I think he should be doing. He won’t sleep in his basinette in the day.. He’s fine in there all night but wakes up the minute you put him in there during the day! He can self soothe himself at night… I can put him down when he’s not quite asleep and get him to go off… NOT in the day! In the day he needs to be held by someone to sleep. I was trying to get him to sleep in his bassinette and it was pointless. Right now, he’s fast asleep on Matt’s shoulder. Much better. An overtired baby makes for a house of stress! ūüėČ

I also discovered the snuggley sleep bags with wings! He loves it! One of the mum’s at baby group had one for their little one. It lets him have his hands by his face (so he can self soothe) but restricts him enough to battle the startle reflex that would otherwise wake him up. It’s ace! He likes it much more that the swaddles that we were using before.

Dad and TristanMatt and Dad have been running around interstate, building the empire!¬†They’ve now secured an office too so things are moving nicely ūüôā¬†It’s all going well but Tristy and I miss them when they’re not here. ¬†He keeps a close eye on his Dad when he is here ūüėČ

I had my¬†citizenship¬†interview and test, which I passed! woot! Matt has his next week. ¬†We will all be citizens soon ūüôā When I got to the¬†immigration¬†offices I had 30 mins to spare and decided to feed mini Mr T. ¬†I then got called early for my appointment and ended up breastfeeding him throughout the interview!! ¬†Then, when I had finished my citizenship test, the system crashed and it took them ages to work out whether or not I’d passed. ¬†I did thankfully but I’m pretty sure I made my case worker’ morning a bit more interesting than usual!

IMG_1148Of course, I also turned up with a black eye and stitches after Stan decided to bounce of my face, with his claws out.  Next doors dog spooked him and Hendrix by walking past and sniffing at them. I was on the floor leaning over a naked Mr T and singing a silly song.  Thank goodness the cat landed on me and not him!  It meant we had a very eventful Sunday evening and our first trip to A+E. I only had 2 hours before he needed feeding again so the nurses saw me pretty quickly.  A tetanus injection, super glue and some plastic strip thingos and I was ready to get back and feed the little one before bed! Thank goodness Mum and Dad were here to baby sit!









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