Catching up and Keeping On

I’ve already posted some photographs on here to give a hint as to what the (almost) last 12 months has held in store for us as a little family. I’ve also said how sorry I am, to myself, for not posting in the time I’ve been absent. There have been some amazing, defining moments over that time that really ought to have been recorded here – along with every other milestone our little family has experienced.

From big Twisty Milestones like:
16 Months Old – Taking a Stroll

to him, more recently, becoming a Budding Musician:

Of course, Twisty is not the only thing we’ve been working on recently. He’s probably the most exciting thing though 😉 I published a second book and went back to work one morning a week but our family does take up the vast majority of our time – as, i think, it should at the moment 🙂

We’ve been trying, all year to make a ‘Twisty’ mark-two and, so far, have been unsuccessful. Of the 4 embryos we had, Twisty is the only one to make it through. That’s very sad but makes me eternally grateful for the little dude we do have in our lives.  Of course, that does mean that if we do want to make another Twisty then we’ll need to go through IVF again. A full emotional roller coaster round with injections and operations.. the works. I’d also have to give up breastfeeding completely. Yes. Twisty is nearly two and I still breast feed him. If it wasn’t for the IVF situation I’d be feeding him a lot more than I do. I am very proud of our breastfeeding relationship and am very supportive of other women who choose to do the same. Of course, we’re currently, somewhat sadly, negotiating the end of that journey at the moment. We’re down to one feed before bed. A very short feed… and I imagine that that one feed will disappear soon enough. I always wanted to feed until he was at least 2 and so i’m cool with that.

Professionally, I was made an honorary Adjunct Lecturer at Flinders Uni. So, although I am a stay at home mum, I am still asked to give lectures on my passion – ICT in education – and have a chance to keep myself up to date with the latest thinking, thinkers and practice. I was very surprised to have received such a fantastic honour from the uni and am very grateful for the opportunity they give me to work so flexibly around my family life.

Last Monday I got to take part in a really cool Professional Development day. For once I was the participant (not the teacher) too! I got to explore innovation – disruptive innovation – in education. This is something that I am becoming more and more attuned too and something that is beginning to drive the direction of my professional life more and more.


I got to explore Google Glass, Occulus rift and several cool bits of software that day. It was nerdilicious. When asked to pitch one of these products to a pretend room of investors, i learnt some valuable lessons about selling, about market and about meeting needs. Lessons that helped our group to win! mwah ha ha. I’m not competitive at all… honest!

Needless to say, living in a house with a man who is running his own business has helped to spur me on a bit too. As Tristan gets older I seem to be getting a little more time (sure it’s only 1.5 hours a day) back in which to explore some disruptive innovate practices for education of my own. 🙂

My other profession – Mum… the most demanding of my jobs – continues to challenge and surprise me.   Twisty has changed and grown so much.  He’s speaking in little sentences, singing songs, running and jumping, eating as much as Matt (ratio wise) and filling our days with an endless amount of love and joy.  I’ve found networks of mums to share the journey with but have struggled, at times, to keep hold of them and create deeper friendships: Some move away, some have busy lives filled with their extended family and old friends, most go back to work.   Making friends when you’re in your 30s is a lot harder than when you were in your 20s that’s for sure! The one or two mums I have kept in touch with are a massive support for me though and I really cherish them 🙂

We have one group here called “Mothers of Preschoolers” or MOPS which, although a recent addition to our weekly activities, has been invaluable.  It’s a kind of playgroup for mums. The kids are looked after by carers (Usually Nanas and other volunteers).  They have a room full of toys for those under 2 and a craft and activity center for those over.  Whilst the kids play and socialise in the room next door, the mums are treated to coffee, cake, friendship and ‘mummy pd’.  It’s great.  PD for the most important job in the world and time to share with other mothers whilst you are free to concentrate.  No need to keep one eye on the mini beast.

It was really hard for me and Twisty to be separated like that at first.  He doesn’t go to day care and he doesn’t have the opportunity of being looked after by anyone other than Matt or me very often.  That’s exactly why I started to go.  We both need this.  He needs to learn it’s safe and OK to be away from me for a short time and I need to be able to develop connection with other mothers. Connections that extend beyond thoughts and conversations that are interrupted by our fabulous escapades.   The first time he went in he lasted 30 mins.  Probably because it took him that long to realise i’d gone – soooo many toys.  The second time – 15 mins and last week… the whole 2 hour session!  Woo hoo!  He cracked it a bit to start with but I gave them strawberries (“fourberries” as he calls them) to bribe him with and, once they realised how easily he could be distracted by his love of singing and cars, they managed to keep him happy long enough for me to enjoy some really interesting PD On something called Wait, Watch and Wonder.  You should check it out if you haven’t already heard of it..  It’s very interesting and made me think a lot about how Twisty and I play.   I have the luxury of spending vast swathes of time with him – which I am eternally grateful for – but i don’t always let him lead the play… and as I am sure you can guess… I find it very hard to be still and quiet! lol  I’m planning to give Wait, watch and wonder a go very soon. I might even blog here about it afterwards.  Because this is my our blog and I’ve been writing it for years.  I want to write it for many years to come 🙂



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