Change of plan…

Today being Sunday we decided to go and do something slow and relaxing. When you wander around Adelaide city center it’s nice to follow the remembrance trail to the river. It’s a peaceful and pretty walk. There’s a big ol’ wall behind the monuments and sometimes you can hear people having parties in the garden – perhaps taking tea ;). I’ve always wanted to know what was behind that wall and I often refer to it as “The secret garden”. Today, the plan was to finally get inside those garden walls and take a stroll where the elite mingle and eat sausages (cucumber sandwiches would be too pommey – sausage sizzle? AUSTRALIAN through and through.

We caught the train. Got there and then saw this sign…

Gov house open sign

I won’t insult your intelligence and explain the problem. Just take a look at the date of this post and the date on the poster…

So… we’d travelled into the city for nothing – DOH! Then we did actually smell that familiar Sunday sausage sizzle smell and remembered that when we were having lunch down by that aforementioned river on Friday they seemed to be setting up a heap of tents in preparation for something. We decided to follow our noses and discovered Matt’s dream world of doggies. The million Paws walk was happening!

Hundreds of doggies of all shapes and sizes with hundreds of walkers of a similar disposition strolling in the sunshine. Lovely! and what a lovely day for it. We lay, in the sun, on the banks of the river watching doggies go by. Lovely.

Then we went to Bunnings to buy a radiator heater (yawn)

It’s been soo sunny and lovely though and we’ve spent most of the afternoon sat in the garden. YES. we do need the heater in the evening as the temperatures have been dropping as low as about 12 degrees in the evening but in the day it’s a lovely and warm 18 -21 degrees! It’s like summer (UK style) in May…. in the southern hemisphere…(where it’s obviously Autumn) It’s lovely and we’re very lucky. The rains we’ve been having have also resulted in our garden growing a few items for the fridge too. Have a look… and watch out for the wild animal near the end…


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