Christmas is Coming!

We’re getting closer to Tristan’s first Christmas (and first birthday for that matter).  Here we are at this year’s Christmas Pageant.  This is the first time Tristan has seen Santa.  He’s still not sure who he is or why he’s important… but he’ll learn!  He did really well.  Falling asleep after about 8 floats and waking up again 4 floats before Santa.  Matt reckons that was a tactic so he didn’t have to watch the whole thing. 😉  How he slept through marching bands, screaming children and general madness I’ll never know!  One thing’s for sure, we won’t be worrying about turning on the coffee machine whilst he sleeps any more!






All is going well here.  I’ve been to work for the day (ooooh) and have another two days coming up soon.  It’s nice to go out and earn some pennys cents but it’s hard to be away from the little dude.  Matt’s business is still plodding along well and he has had some new opportunities appear on the horizon.  Quite suddenly really.  Opportunities that are likely to see him jetting off to America…NEXT WEEK.  Poor bugger.  That’s a longer flight than the one to the UK.  At least he has a chance to watch some movies, put his feet up and relax this time!

Matt will be away at the same time I’m due in work for two days so I’m having to be brave enough to give Tristan to someone else to look after.  Not something I’ll relish.  The lady who helped us to bring him into this world (Helen, our Doula) has agreed to look after him.  She’s had 7 other own remember.  I’m pretty sure he’ll be in safe hands! It’ll just be very different for both of us.  On the plus side, having been forced into this position has made us realise that there are babysitting options out there… we just need to be brave enough to take them!  Maybe, one day soon, we’ll have a night to ourselves? oooohh imagine!

Tristan is still thriving,  He has 1.5 teeth now (bless him) and decided to pull himself up to standing in the bath yesterday… Why not choose the slippiest, scariest place for mummy? lol He’s certainly growing fast and is enjoying communicating with points, screams and babbles. 🙂  He continues to be just ACE!

Whilst we were away in the UK last time (for Matt’s mum’s funeral) we were told that our landlord isn’t renewing our lease.  That’s meant that we’ve had to look for a new place to live.  Well, we’ve found one – hooray! and the good news is that it’s 2 streets away 🙂 My neighbours have offered to help us move… I’m now imagining him and Matt carrying a sofa around the corner 😉 At least that one thing ticked of the list and we’ll be in before Christmas which will mean that as of the 2nd week of December we can put up our tree.. That’s sooo late!!!

Christmas is coming!! woot!


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