Christmas is coming…

and the geese are getting friendly!

Geese MunchiesThese lovely little chaps (who I know bedbee would definitely want to steal) appeared at the Creek on Friday. Apparently they are very friendly and like bread! 😉 After walking home from breakfast at the beach this morning these two decided to nibble on my skirt and then follow Matt home! He had to fill their bellies with treats and then lead them back across to the creek afterwards. He has named them Honk and Honky and I am sure that they will be back!

There are all sorts of additions to the Creek this spring. The baby ducks I wrote about here a few months ago are now the “teen” ducks and a new waddle of babies wandered across our garden yesterday so I guess duckie – the next generation is in full swing! The baby sea chickens have also successfully managed to reach teen status. They’re all really tame though. All you have to do is stand by the creek and they’ll assume you’re there with bread and come and see you. Very fun 🙂 They do get bored pretty quickly if there’s no bread though. Well, with the exception of Honk and Honky who had the good brains to follow Matt to the house and wait for some bread – One teen duck accompanied them too 😉  Stan, however, was not so impressed!

This weekend has been full of Christmassy things. I’ve nearly finished buying and wrapping the xmas presents that need to be sent to the U of K, I’ve begun browsing the web for the best deal on Christmas trees and decorations (ours are all still in the UK – Didn’t fancy the customs bill for fake pine cones etc.) and watching the Christmas Pageant!! Yay!

The Christmas Pageant is a real tradition here in Adelaide and it’s good fun to see all the chalk drawings in the road, the excited kids (including me) and then the funky parade.  There are some things in it that I do not get.  Like this really freaky jester.  But it is fun to see Koala’s in ice (?), the elves and their presents, the carol singers, Rudolph having a relax and of course Santa! It’s all very exciting and yet… warm… strange! Do I really have to put up Christmas Icicle lights?  What would the hot, Australian version be?  Any suggestions?  lol

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