Christmas Time!

It’s officially the first of December.  That means I can now start going on and on about Christmas!!! 🙂  Yay!  Watch out for new Xmassy rockinmochin logos and everything! (i’m actually thinking of re-vamping the whole site AGAIN) lol

Things have become more and more christmassy this end.  Schools here are winding up (we seem to always go “up” rather than “down” here) for the summer hols and have only this week and a bit to go! That means less work for me in schools but more time to work on things like publishing proposals, South Australian Interactive Whiteboard networks and new ventures for the new year!

I have discovered a rather cool website where I can contact Santa and ask him for a message. Some of you might have received one in your in box already? If not here’s one for all of you 🙂

Message from Santa to Readers

Decorated Christmas Cat
Decorated Christmas Cat
We’ve begun putting up the Christmas decorations.  This had all been made a little more exciting by the fact that we actually didn’t own any.  We had to leave them all behind in the UK.  We were advised to because a lot of them had pine cones, sticks or other bits of nature that Customs just wouldn’t have appreciated.

That’s meant a massive Christmas tree and decoration search has begun.  KMart was the cheapest for trees and we got our lovely, 6ft  “Cashmere” tree for just $79  (£48).  We got a few decorations from there too until I remembered driving past the Christmas superstore!

This shop is there all year round and it sells nothing but party goods, silly outfits and erm.. well yes… Christmas decorations and fairy lights – All year round… Lol.. Needless to say it’s rather busy at the moment and we got some brilliant bargains too. Those giant snowflakes next to Hendrix are actually lights that are now hanging on the wall in the living room 🙂

Sparkly tree from outside

Sparkly tree - from outside

Make that Christmas tree!

Putting the top on the tree!

What with tinsel, LED flashy lights, new baubles and a strange, white fluffy reindeer (that I bought for Mum when she gets here) the tree looks very nice.  Sparkly and pretty.  So far it’s surviving nicely and seems to have only taken a brief beating from Stan.  He doesn’t seem so inclined to chase LED lights around the tree as he did the standard ones!

I’m quite glad really.  I always had visions of coming home to a fried cat with Christmas lights in his mouth -stoopid kitty!

An update on Honk and Honky is also very important.  If you’ve been following my tweets then you’ll know that they’re still around. Only now they’ve gotten into the habit of appearing at the window of the living room at dusk and honking at us.  Honky even tried to jump up onto the window ledge and get in the other day (thank goodness for fly goose screens!) Bless em!

Still visiting!

Still visiting!

Honk and Honky (geese) try and get in at the window

No Geesies! You're not allowed in! Go to your house!

Anyhoo with all the Xmas pressies now starting to arrive in the UK and a second Christmas cake having been baked (I “accidentally” ate the last one- oops)  It looks like it’s going to be a fun Xmas! There’s just over a week until Ma and Paleave Blighty and head over – weather permitting!

SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW SNOW!  You’ve even made it onto our “national” centric news programs!  lol Make sure you send me piccies!


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