Clarkes in OZ Part 1

So… They’ve arrived. The pod people have landed in Australia. Well judging by these photographs of “business class” they were the pod people. I had to test their identity by playing loud music with a beat, pouring whiskey into a glass and placing a teddy bear in a dangerous situation. These tests proved conclusively that these “pod people” were indeed my family

It was along way to come but they safely landed in Melbourne, just as planed.

They had one day in this lovely city, one day to soak up the atmosphere and sample the delicacies that Melbourne has to offer.

So, Dad went on the train and chose the Hard Rock Cafe for diner whilst Kel and Mum went to see Neighbours ! Yay!

They then decided to drive the Great Ocean Rd all the way to Adelaide. (Well nearly – we met them in the hills and drove the last bit for them. (8 hours of driving in a day was quite enough! So we thought we’d help them out a little)

It’s been really great to hang out with them all again. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen them and it’s lovely to be reminded of what you’re missing. I am amused however, at Mum’s mission to buy everyone a new jumper/Pullover/Sweater (please choose) and i giggle everytime she picks up an item of clothing and says “But it’s sooo cheap Paul!” LMAO.

I took them around the city on our first day together, showing them the shops and the museum. I had particular fun trying to make Kel eat a biscuit with a face!! MOAH HA HA
Mum has finally fulfilled her dream of cuddling a real Koala, (up until now she has simply renamed Hendrix )Kelly was pounced upon by hungry Kangas and Dad tried to pretend that he wasn’t really dying to cuddle the Koala. It’s all good fun! lol Of course this was then promptly followed by a trip to Harbour town to purchase another Jumper/Sweater/Pullover (You choose)

We all went off to see the Simpsons movie tonight too!! “Spider Pig… Spider Pig…” YAY!!! Sooooo cool.

Needless to say they’re being kept very busy πŸ™‚ I’ll keep uploading the piccies here.


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