Closing down for Autumn

Pants On for 31!

Pants On for 31!

Well! Last time I wrote Matt was 30 years old. He’s 31 now! A very Happy Birthday to him! He had a good day eating fine foods, opening fine presents and drinking beer. Thanks for all the cards and presents that were sent over. It’s always really cool to get a parcel send from the U.K.

We’ve spent the past week in the usual fashion… working. I did one job at a lovely school who gave me a bottle of Port, a Jar of Honey and some Olives all grown/produced by their students. How lovely! Yom! We’ve started on the olives but still have the port and honey to go. Trying for babies = no alcohol for me anyway.

Bbq Cleaning Time!

BBQ Cleaning Time!


Having said that. I may have accidentally sampled some wines on Saturday with Caz and Pete when we popped along to McClaren Vale on Saturday. Picked up some lovely bottles to carry to Spain and not share with friends 😉 Sunday was slightly more busy with us officially packing and picking away the garden in readiness for winter. Yes my friends, the BBQ has been scrubbed, oiled and put to rest until the spring time. It’s cold. I mean we’ve had the longest run of days under 15 degrees, in May, in 24 years! 14.5 degrees is no laughing matter! I’m wearing a jumper! The heater’s broken too! bbrrrrrrr.


Get that fruit!

Get that fruit!

Gardening in Autumn is very strange here. In the UK, by now, the grass would have stopped growing and everything would be going off for a wintery sleep. Leaves would be falling.. you get the idea. Well, some of the trees might be shedding their leaves by everything else has woken up and is growing like mad. A drop in temperature, caused by having less daylight (and therefore hot sun) to warm everything up, coupled with the most rain we’ve had in 9 years means everything is growing like crazy! I have a massive bowl of lemons and smaller one of tangerines. 4 Oranges and 3 grapefruits in the garden and a whole heap of weeding! On the up side, I guess the garden has the sense to slow down when we do when it’s hot leaving more time for the beach! (yay)

Oranges and Lemons!

Oranges and Lemons!

We’re looking forward to jetting over to Spain for a few days though. Roll on Sunday!


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