Das Wedding! :)

How do you write a blog entry about your own wedding? It’s hard! lol It was such a big day and I know that I have so many people to thank and appreciate – I wouldn’t want to miss anyone out and I am sure they all know who they are and how much LOF and I appreciated all their help and support in the lead up to the BIG day.

The day was wonderful, the weather was freakishly amazing and we both had a great time! πŸ™‚ In the end, despite all the doubts and worries about the weather the day went exactly as we’d imagined it and we really loved the relaxed and calm atmosphere that resulted.

The strangest part about the whole day was the fact that I was being called Mrs Woodward and someone’s wife! I wasn’t at all sure about that!! lol Alas, Miss Clarke is no more and has now been replaced with Mrs Woodward; don’t worry though, all that’s changed is the name – not even being married has made me grow up! πŸ˜‰

I thought I was going to be late for the civil ceremony after the fathing and flapping of the morning. The cat almost ensured we were late by choosing that moment to go outside and wedge himself under a bush. It was most amusing to see mum and dad in their posh froks trying to coax a kitten from a bush! lol In the end Matt was the one who was a little late! πŸ˜‰

The civil ceremony was quick and simple. We met with the registras at 12:15 – they were a bit grumpy to start with – we warmed them up and by 12:30 we were agreeing to “take” each other. Now at this point LOF seemed to get the giggles…I thought this was just the excitement of it all and caught
these giggles in return – just as they said his middle name. Over tea yesterday however, i was informed that Matt thought I was laughing because I was saying that i would “take” him in front of his family… apparently that’s why he was laughing!! OMG even in a situation like that his bizarre thoughts take control.

Two other amusing elements occurred: My dress just would not stay up, despite numerous pieces of lingerie tape and as a result most of the images of the civil ceremony involve my bra and when the registrar said “and I believe there is a tradition at this point” Matt looked confused until I leaned in for a kiss – Bless. You wouldn’t expect anything less really would you! lol We were having too much fun to take it all too seriously πŸ™‚

After the civil we separated for an hour and half whilst we got all beautiful for the blessing. I was in the room on the ground floor and so could see all of you arriving on the drive and lawn. My nan was sat just outside the window at one point and none of you had any idea that I was so close! I wanted to wave but somehow managed to resit the urge! It was really cool to have all my hair and make-up done for me and to have my hens clucking around πŸ™‚ They’re all ace! I was really excited that Hoppy had turned up early as I wanted her to come hang out with me while I got ready – that was ace!

Seeing everyone gather was really scary and I was so worried that I’d end up forgetting to take my vows with me to the top of the aisle! It was more scary however when everyone disappeared and SPAN started to say “They’ve gone! Oh my god they must be seated! It’s about to start!” her voice slightly more raised than usual ;).

When the Manor man came to get me we went outside and the whole thing looked awesome! Flags blowing in the breeze, sunny cloudless sky and a lovely looking finance in an awesome suit! It was time to go! I was much more nervous about this part than I was the civil ceremony. I was already married so I should have been more chilled but there were 100 smiley faces waiting for us!! eik!

In the end it was all ok and no one fell down the stairs as we headed for our gravel aisle. The sun stayed shinning and all went mostly to plan. Hearing Matt say his vows was wonderful, i never realised that he could say such beautiful things and he had been so thoughtful in what he was saying. Of course, that isn’t really too much of a surprise; he has always been the most caring and thoughtful man I have ever met. There was a slight hitch with the music on the way back up the aisle but that just added to the fun of the day and was, in the end, cool!

Fr J was awesome and is the only man I know who could have done that ceremony as he did. It was perfect for us and a great opportunity for him to turn a standard mass in to a cool panto πŸ™‚ I loved that! Especially the heckling of the guests when they didn’t support us loud enough. Thanks soooo much Fr J πŸ™‚

After the service, we headed back up the steps and then to our photos whilst the rest of the guests had some vino in the sunshine.

The photographer (Richard Barley most of these pictures were taken by him) was ace and managed to get all the formal shots out of the way in plenty of time. Of course this wouldn’t have happened quite so quickly is Span hadn’t been ruling the proceedings with an iron rod! Good on ya span!

The rest of the day was good fun we got to chill out then and enjoy the food and music. The speeches were ace and although I was worried about what SPAN would say after I’d leant her the Trisha video and she’d been pawing through my memories box she did me proud and was very kind in what she said πŸ™‚ It was brilliant to have speeches from both the groom and bride’s mates I’d recommend it!

Mother made me laugh with her three outfits and the way she managed to be late (by getting changed) just before all the major events. We had to wait for her before we cut the cake and then when we were about to perform out first song – We didn’t do a first dance. We’re musicians! πŸ˜‰

Thank you to all of you who shared the day with us and who bought us lovely gifts or contributed to our honeymoon πŸ™‚ Don’t forget the 500+ images on woodwardland πŸ˜‰


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  1. Mummy Cow 11 years ago

    It was quite simply delightful.

  2. mom 11 years ago

    You both looked so happy, may it always stay that way love you both.


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