Days 2 +3

By the end of day 2 all of the rest of the gubbins was downstairs in a massive pile. Everything that had ever come into contact with the outside world had been scrubbed to within and inch of it’s life (boots, shoes, garden furniture, camping stuff, flag poles ) and the cats had been relocated to me Ma’s. I was absolutely knackered and wasn’t too impressed by the cats enthusiasm to purr and walk all over me all night ;(

day three was a little easier as men arrived and did it all for us! Ace. I did insist on taking my Dyson (Do you know how much they cost!!) and so had to spend 2 hours scrubbing it’s various tubes with a toothbrush. Then steam cleaning the bits that I couldn’t reach -MADNESS. There really isn’t a chance that that contains anything living(spider or micro organism) so I’m hoping they won’t take it off me the other end!

It was kind of exciting to see everything leaving. It had all been wrapped in brown paper. I even saw them tip out some plastic tags (the ones you put on the tops of suspension files) and wrap them up! They were in the bottom of a box containing SMART board stuff. It might me laugh seeing them do that. If it had been me packing they would have gone in the bin! Pss are great at what they do though and they unpack it all for me at the other end!! woo hoo! More sitting around 😉

The remit says that they pack everything… that’s what they did! We made sure our documentation was at Mum’s before they arrived! :- ) But.. it’s done now. My stuff is close to Span in South London and will be bunged onto a ship before we know it. A friend in Adelaide has kindly offered to be Customs’ point of contact over there and then it will sit in storage until we arrive. It’s all very exciting.

There are still lot of bits and bobs in the house. Stuff for ebay and car boot sales etc. I’ve also got to empty the fridge and the garage. I have until Friday. We should complete on the 31st so today (Saturday) I’m having a bit of a rest. ZZZZzzzzz


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