Dead things…

We spent our Saturday in the Museum of South Australia which is a pretty cool place. It had a new exhibit on at the moment about Divinci’s Machines which made me think about Matt (Neighbour Matt) and engineering! It looked fun and the machines were inspirational. They’d made scale model of some of his ideas and allowed us to play with some of them, which was cool.

We went on the free museum tour and were filled in about several of the exhibitions on display. The one room is full of Dead, stuffed animals. We were reassured that everything had died naturally in local zoos and none of them had been pursued and slaughtered to look good in the museum window.

The elephant Miss Siam, for example, was the elephant from the Zoo who used to give the children rides back in the 50s. When she died her skin was preserved, framed, stuffed and placed on display. A little creepy to me but apparently the local children came to see her and love having her immortalised in this way. The Aussie sense of humour was clearly evident though. Take a good look at this lion… It’s scared a few tourists in it’s time!

Tourist 1: Bloody hell! Did you see that?
Tourist 2: What?
Tourist 1: It’s tail! Watch..

On the subject of animals cased in glass…
The red back returned. This time when LOF asked me to go and get something I got the can of industrial strength Spider Killer Spray and sprayed it before he could photograph it. It died pretty quickly and we found it in the bottom of the post box legs in the air.

LOF, is still fascinated by it though and has collected the eight legged killing machine and placed it in a plastic coleslaw tub – with a lid thankfully. It’s currently on the dining room table. I am not too happy about this but every time I express my concern that it might come alive and kill one of us LOF picks up the plastic tub and shakes the spider in my face whilst saying ” it’s definitely dead. Look” Being not so enamoured with the creature I’d rather stay well out of its way!


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