Did I say I’d missed them?

1:45 pm
N21 (My classroom for those who didn’t know)

“Stand in silence.”
Class: (murmer)

“The golden rule is do as teacher asks first time without question.. I have asked repeatedly for you to be quiet!” (raising voice slowly)

Class: Silence

1… 2…. 3…. 4…. 5…

“I will not start until there is absoloute silence” Moves class into seating plan.
Class sit down start talking
(B is giggling, D + J are discussing the gory details of J’s broken arm (it’s pinned together!), K starts chatting)
“right stand up!”
Class: (loud choral moan of objection)
“I do not recall asking anyone to sit down nor did I ask you to speak. Silence.”
“This is what I want you to do every morning. Stand where you are, as you are now no not like that K.- who is practically lying on her desk- that’s better. No talking until you are invited to discuss something with me.

and so on…

“K remove that braclet”
“NO! When will I get it back? At half term?”
“Christmas actually”
“No! That’s unfair it’s the first day..”
“…and I’ve asked 4 times for you to remove it”
“you said…”
“are you refusing to do what teacher asks you to do first time without question? I think you’re questioning me. Infact your being rather rude,”
“I don’t mean to be rude but yeah but right but it’s unfair I was going home! It’s the first day”
“Kiera give me the braclet”
“NO! (mumours)

What fun!

3 detentions on the first day lmao.


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  1. Anonymous 14 years ago

    bracelet… not braclet…

  2. Anonymous 14 years ago

    ooooh arghhhhh


  3. Mark 14 years ago

    If you could “confiscate” a PSP/DS off some showy nerd that I could “keep safe” until Christmas, that would be awesome 😀

  4. Mochinbach 14 years ago


    You’re so behing the times! A kid a one fo those PSps in the dining hall at the start of the summer term
    (last academic year) they were showing it off…. THhey’d been to JAPAN. lol

  5. Mochinbach 14 years ago

    We do have a strict policy on “MP3s” They’re confiscated and placed in the safe until christmas.
    Every time the Deputy’s say that I cringe. I’m waiting for a street savy kid to point out that an MP3 is something very different to an actual MP3 player and that MP3s are better kept on a HDD rather than in a safe. lol


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