Dinner at no.15

A big thank you goes out to the residents of number 15 for their excellent chef, wonderful company and general GOOD TIMES. Dinner was provided lst night for “the circle” complet (Soon to be a little disjointed – see previous post) and we munched and chomped on serious culinary delights. Boy that girl can cook.

Several photographs were taken showing the Lord of the Flame looking rather drunk (he couldn’t and I mean COULDN’T get into bed until 4:45 this morning – apparently the world was spinning a little too much) as he pounded on tribal drums with “the Father”.

Daz received a new bit of technology and made all the women mother him by being completely bamboozled by a mobile that was not the size of a brick and had some street cred. He’s promised to text me – because he assures me he can- … I’m still waiting. 😉

The Lil’ one was quite sleepy and a little shell shocked having recently escaped the grip of a small, but deadly, tornado. Thankfully her car was passing it’s MOT a little further along the road and her roof IS still on. She did enjoy the food, wine and company and I think gave herself a well earned rest.

All in all a truly marvellous evening with much frivolity and joy spread around an otherwise slightly weary bunch.
Cheers Podre and Co.


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