I love to sing… Don’t know why. Always have and I guess is always will. I used to be able to write stuff too. I guess we can all write stuff when we’re teenagers trying to work out what the hell life’s all about! Now I can only come up with crass and clichéd lyrics that are inspired by the last thing I listened to on the radio!

I sing along to backing tracks a lot. Sad really. I do it on the sly, sat at my computer having secretly subscribed to a karaoke website with thousands of tracks. LMAO
Maybe one day I’ll be able to play the piano again. My speedy fingers are currently more adept to finding the keys on the computer keyboard than they are its musical counterpart. My tenacious desire to become a singer left me a long time ago. I just can’t decide whether or not that’s sad :(. It’s been replaced by a desire to settle (maybe not even in the UK ), get married and have a couple of Woosels.

I realised today, after a conversation with span and about TT, that it’s been over ten years since the days when it was acceptable for me to have Mr Owen adorning every corner of my homemade technology and graphics folder. Ten years ago I was where my current year 11’s are now. Sat listening to their teacher (me!) telling them that they need to get their act together “YOU’RE ALL DOOMED” –> where’d did all that positive discipline I usually use go today? (SLEEP)

Its a little frightening really. LOL Mostly because 25 seemed a life time away back then. It’s felt more like 10 minutes! I still clearly remember most of the last 10 years with fondness. I guess it’s a good thing that I don’t feel like I thought I would now I’m old. 😉 Go 25 was old when you were 15! As I tell my students when they ask how old I am “I’m 12!”

By the way — I’m 16/17 here. This is as far back as digital photography went… 1996/7


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