Dubai – Day One

We woke up at 10:30 am (6:30am UK) and eventually dragged ourselves up and out. It was very warm outside and felt a little strange to be wearing a T-Shirt and short floaty skirt (and that was just LOF!)

The streets were filled with the sound of the Qu’ran as the local mosque was calling its followers to prayer. A man was pulling a cart with two heavy objects on the back of it and getting into arguments with taxi drivers as his poor navigation almost caused permanent damage to their Toyota Camry. We strolled in the direction of the river and the sea down narrow Arabian streets; immaculately presented with an array of brightly coloured fabrics and the smell of hot leather surrounding us. The streets weren’t bustling. No last minute Christmas presents being frantically purchased. Simply local people with their local wears.

We walked for about 2 miles when we discovered an enormous Carefour shopping centre. Tesco Redditch has nothing on this place. ( Although you can still purchase everything you would expect to find there and more) We bought ourselves a picnic and carried on; deter mind to have a picnic on the beach. We walked for miles and had eaten most of the picnic before we gave up! This place is huge! You see a building in the distance and although it seems like it’s just around the corner. Like a mirage. it never appears! We took the remains of the picnic and got a taxi back to our hotel!

We then spent the rest of the afternoon snoozing and reading. We’re both exhausted! Lof organised a massage for 7:00pm. I’m telling you now if you can DO IT! Manys the time I have said at the end of a busy term “I’m going to go and have a massage” and when I come to book it I decide that it would be far too extravagant. Nonsense! Do it! It will be the best 30 quid you’ll ever spend (Span I mean you!)

The spa here is amazing. Candle lit with lovely smelly oils. It’s exactly how it should be. The lighting, sounds and smells all spell relax – which after the last few months and a 7 hours flight is just what the doctors ordered. I felt so relaxed and did not want it to end. When it was over I wanted to just lie there, my face through the hole on the massage table smelling the bowl of oils + fresh rose petals, listening to the music relaxing. Instead I sat in reception and waited for Matt to come out. They fed me peppermint tea and I read magazine brilliant.

Then, instead of going to find food, we ordered room service and ate it in our room! Brilliant. really cool. I”m starting to feel a little bit more relaxed now.


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