Earth Hour is coming…

So far in 2011 Australia has experienced the worst floods in it’s history, the strongest and largest cyclone in memory along with scorching summer temperatures of over 40 degrees.  At the end of last year, my friends In the UK have endured unprecedented snow falls, the US has seen it’s own cyclones and flooding. Let’s not forget the large floods and land slides in Brazil  The world is changing. There may be little we can do about the current situation but don’t you wish you could do something to minimise the damage we are doing now.. damage which can only make things worse in the future?

I’m sure you’ve all changed the light bulbs (globes) to energy efficient ones.  Are very aware that lights shouldn’t be on in rooms where you’re not using them, that things need to be switched off at walls and that your home needs to be ready to be energy efficient.  Whether that was driven by the rising cost of commodities or a desire to more aware of your own impact on the environment could be seen as incidental.

There is something that you can do, in March, which will send a much clearer message about your stance on climate change.  It’s an opportunity to send a message to the world, particularly to nations who need to do more. It’s something that I have observed for a while now.  Often on my own, whilst those around me seem surprised when I ask them why their lights are still on.

Four years ago, the WWF convinced the businesses of Sydney to turn off the lights which glow behind the harbor for just an hour.  For 60 minutes.  This fantastic signal to the world that we are concerned spread around the globe.  Even London turned off some of it’s lights.  If you weren’t aware of this phenomenon, of your opportunity to join a growing international opportunity to make a statement about climate change then I hope this post will help point you in the right direction.

If you’re a teacher then take the opportunity to spread the word, ask you students if they’d like to be involved.  March in the UK might even be dark enough to have an after school event! 😉  Whatever your work make sure your colleagues know about it.  Spread the word.  Take part. Join the conversation.

Earth Hour 2010

I was very surprised by the number of people who didn’t know why Earth Hour existed, when it was and what it might involve. Here’s some notice… Are you going to choose to be involved? I know that I will be sat with my beautiful candles for 60 minutes.  What about you?


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