Easter Weekend

Well I’ve never had an Easter Weekend like it.

Easter Eggs: Loads of mini ones
Hot Cross Buns: 2 a day for 4 days
Butterflies: too many to count (all very pretty some bright yellow )
Quarley Bears: 6
Kangaroos: 0
Emus: 0
Hours spent playing WOW: at least 4 a day! (more for some 😉 )

Thanks to W + V LOF has spent quite a bit of it |v|ing up! Boag is now level 12! lol.Admittedly, Sarowith (who i killed several times – and got annoyed with because i did not want to find my body for the 4th time so logged off whilst I was a ghost) is level 9. 😉
Boag also has a Wolf called Ernie, who is level 12 too! LOL. The bad news is that the trial period ends soon so we will have to get a real life!

But, we haven’t quite turned into agoraphobics and we made sure that we went out and about as much as we stayed in and played in the online forests.

We spent Easter Sunday on the beach

which was lovely, we sunbathed, listened to our ipods and I splashed around in the sea playing my new game of sink the stone (stand on it, push it into the sand and then when the sea goes out it’s buried! ooooh!)

Then today (Monday) we went out for a walk. We drove to a park we hadn’t been too to see some water falls. We had a pleasant walk of about an hour with lots of things to see but when we got there we remembered that you need rain (and water) in order for there to be a waterfall. We haven’t had any for a week now so no falls at the end of our stroll. We did (sorry V) see 6 quarley bears!!! woo hoo

(and no i didn’t grow him out of my head)

It’s been 30 degree here today in a month that should be the U.K. equivalent of October! what on earth is going on? Not that I’m complaining 😉

Believe it or not, I actually have to go to work tommorrow!! Shocking I no! I’m, off to do a preliminary visit to a primary school I’m doing some training for. Don’t worry though, the meetings not until 1pm 🙂

Here’s some more quarley bears to make you smile! (don’t forget there’s always more on the flickr account!)


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