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I went quiet again didn’t i?  Unusual I know.  Adelaide Tweet very kindly added me to their list of Adelaide related blogs today and so I figured I’d better get back to my weekly blog posts.

I have been tweeting random images to Instagramas often as I can.   They’re the ones that appear in the right hand corner over there —>

So, from them, I guess you can see that we’ve been finding UK. delicacies in the supermarket (HOB NOBS! and a Fry’s Mint Cream – to be nibbled of course), that Matt hasn’t managed to completely avoid  the joys of DIY and has spent the last few weeks lovingly restoring my hammock stand.  (I predict it will be ready just in time for.. winter.)  I’ve been to a GOOGLE workshop for High School teachers about Computer Science (which was interesting and scored me a Google Notebook and Pen – Blankety Blank style), that we’ve spent many hour using the fab tool Teamviewer to support parents back in the UK with  the set up of computerized gadgetry (sexy music to make it look like sexy tech in that video!) and that we finally received and framed the fab posters that N8Girl and her lovely hubby sent to us.  See… life is not dull in the Moch’ household… oh no!

…and now this post is possibly the most boring post I have ever written. No conversations about pre-labour bath poo here.

In truth, life has been bumbling along as it does.  We’ve been getting on with things and taking each day as it comes.  I’m feeling a lot better after the initial shock of failed attempt number one but I still find myself feeling quite tired and sleepy – perhaps I just need to catch up with some snoozeys?  I have no idea what’s normal in these situations!  I certainly haven’t got a lot to complain about now!   Thankfully, work is a very flexible environment and, although I continue to work very hard (I’m spending soo much time working in Moodle that I think I might turn into a module very soon) , I do have the flexibility to be able to work from home at the moment. That makes an enormous difference!  It cuts out the 45 min drive to and from work everyday for a start! 🙂

I did try and fulfill one of my New Year’s resolutions by  contacting a choir to see if I can join in.  They’re called The Soul Factor Gospel Choir.  I was looking for a youngish choir who looked like they were having fun.  I hope these guys are them! 🙂  I was hoping to go to my first rehearsal tonight but I’ve been sooo flipping busy I’ve forgotten to email the choir master and let him know I’m coming. I’m not sure it’s polite to just turn up is it? I’ll have to let you know how it goes.

Apart from doing something I love, something I have seriously neglected over the past few years, I was hoping that singing  with a group of people might help me to expand my social circle a little more.  It would be nice to have a few more people to eat cake with.  I certainly miss my bagel and cream cheese every lunchtime with the English Dept. ladies.

In other news, the relatively quiet business that Matt was harboring seems to be picking up.  He’s had some very important meetings with some very important people in Sydney this week.  We’re not getting our hopes up too high yet though.  This has happened many times before but we will stay positive  🙂 I’ve been kept busy with IWB consultancy too – Nothing like juggling the two jobs (and a demanding “volunteer” committee) ! 🙂

The amount of trips to Sydney and Melbourne that have been made recently to find business for Matt, along with my increasing frustrations with career prospects here have meant that we have had a bit of a serious chat about taking a look at some Victorian suburbs.  Now… when I tweeted about that, one lovely person offered to take me to the Dickens’ museum in London… Although I would LOVE That (i really, really would) to Aussies, Victorian actually means a state… it usually means Melbourne – home of neighbours.

Go on, do the street view tour.

I’ve been getting increasingly frustrated here and i think Matt might be too. Although, to be honest , I’m not quite sure if I’m not just a bit grumpy about things or not though. One of our friends did point out that, if we leave, we leave behind our SA support network… at the time I replied with “there isn’t much of one though really is there” and then the more I thought about it the more I realised that A) I had probably put my foot in it and been quite rude to my friend *blushes* because I was grumpy and B) I have met quite a few people here and although not all of them are people I know well enough to pop around for a cuppa – as I might have done with my pals back home – maybe they will be in time?
Making new friends isn’t all that easy when your 30 something for some reason. I guess we’ve just been spoilt with the relationships we had at home. I think the youngest friendship I have is at least 8 years old… so it’s probably a bit unfair to compare a friendship of that age to one that, at a max, is 2 years young?  It’s a strange set up though and I know it’s not one I’m alone with.  My besty feels the same way having moved 2 hours down the road to another city (UK that is) and is trying to create a new network herself!  The obvious answer is that she just moves here…  but I’m not sure her mother-in-law will let her 😉
Oh! and by the way. If you want to get an email when a new post is posted – so you don’t have to check – then stick your email address in that box over there in the sidebar… the one at the bottom under the words “join 1 other subscriber”.  One… ah well someone’s reading 😉 Thanks mummycow


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  1. adelaidetweet 7 years ago

    Thanks for the mention of adelaidetweet and the logo on the sidebar 🙂 Funny we were just thinking about making an “Listed on adelaidetweet’s Adelaide Blogs list” badge… stay tuned! 🙂

    • Author
      Anonymous 7 years ago

      and I was looking on your site for that very thing! Great idea! 🙂 Let me know when it’s all done 🙂 I’d love to have it on the site 🙂


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