Finding our Zen again…

There’s still an awful lot going on in our lives at the moment.  Most of it is a challenge but not all of it in a bad way.  New businesses growing at an exponential rate is a reason to celebrate and we will – as soon as there is a team of people working on the project who we can celebrate with.  At the moment, just one man = pressure, working 14 hour days and flying off, interstate quite a lot.  My contract ends in July and the impending ‘final report’ has sat untouched for over week now as I try to find some inspiration to complete it.  Of course, ttech still roles on, quite merrily in the background.

Are we as busy as we used to be in the U.K. ? Probably not.  Are we stressed – like we were in the U.K? – YES and then some!  I have days when I wish that I was worrying about getting my 360, 150 word reports done by tomorrow, days when being stressed because you just want some time to yourself and your social life is getting too busy, days when my biggest financial worry was how much we’d managed to save for our next adventure.  We’re in a funny place right now. It feels like we’ve been living on the edge of a spring-board for about 2 years and we’re still waiting to see if, when we land in the water, we’ll score a perfect 10 or achieve a massive, red, belly slapping belly flop.  Each outcome will bring its own set of new challenges for us to meet.

Teetering on the edge of babies, businesses, careers, house purchases and social circles is actually, surprisingly, quite tiring.  I got so stressed out dealing with one of my commitments that I actually left last week – choosing not to submit an application to continue my position on a committee I had high hopes of achieving much with.   It was the right decision, I won’t look back, but it’s actually quite hard to move away and stop helping…  A familiar feeling.

We’ve also decided to delay the FET transfer (Frozen Egg Transfer) and won’t be going ahead with that this month.  I’ve got a cold, I’m knackered, I’m in Sydney Thurs + Fri and Matt’s in Sydney for the whole of next week.  The timing is wrong. That means it wouldn’t be very easy to support each other and relax through the whole thing.  The nurses, thankfully, agreed with us so we’ll see where we’re up to next month.  Hopefully, relaxed, happy and ease!  Maybe the birth of 4or 5 babies (Kel, N8girl, Tina, Richard and Emma are all due in the next few weeks) will inspire us? I hope so.

The key, i’m sure is to just be relaxed……  Not so easy that at the moment though.

Melbourne's Walkway Cafes

In an attempt to achieve that missing nirvana, whilst exploring the possibility of moving interstate for work, we had a good wander around Melbourne last weekend.  We were both so knackered that, instead of spending the whole weekend meaningfully exploring suburbs and looking at properties we spent one afternoon in Mentone (and its surrounding areas) and then the rest of the weekend in the city eating, relaxing, wandering and talking.  One night we sat up talking until well into the wee hours – trying to right the world and organise our thoughts on things.

Melbourne is a fun place. It’s busy, bustling and full of life.  It has a very different personality to Adelaide with its mix of the much older and new.  Winding, close knit passageways holding cafes, bars and boutique shops eventually take you to the shiny new, modern icon of Australian retail – the Westfield Mall.  There is a charm to its scruffiness, it feels ‘older’, more established with its vast array of  stylish Georgian/Edwardian buildings.  It still has its horses and carriages.  The lovely creatures who pull carriages (copied from those designed for princesses so that they are suitable for tourists) are really not phased by squeaking trams, honking car horns or bustling people.  They feel right at home amongst the bustle of their city.

Couple that history and charm with the fashionable side of the city, the new boutiques, the small individually owned businesses, which sell wares from ports far and wide, as well as the funky community projects that surround you and it’s hard not to be impressed by the place.  It’s a mini, funky city.  Does that mean we want to live there – Right now? I don’t know.  I decided that there were too many things to be decided for us to make a decision… if you see what I mean.

In the meantime, keep sending happy thoughts to Matt and his business so that it grows and grows and we can put some more permanent roots down and start to relax a bit 🙂


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