Finding sanctuary upstairs

Much to many people’s horror I have a real dislike for Tarentino films. I watched Pulp Fiction and although I get the complex narrative sequence etc (and respect its cleverness) I think that Tarentino is a silly bloke who likes to make films with unnecessary violence and swearing; because of that he lost all of my respect (not that it’ll bother him much!). So when Matt went out one lunchtime and bought Kill Bill 1 + 2 in the HMV sale I knew that there would come a night when I would be hiding, upstairs, out of the way. -Well actually… I kind of figured he’d choose one of those nights where Span and I are drunk and LOM and LOF are doing bloke things ( like watching films with OTT violence and swearing). Alas, he did not so I am upstairs hiding from the bad film.

On a more positive note this gives me a bit of time to update my Blog.

I am glad to report that Dunk has arrived in Cairo unharmed… Check out “The unofficial one” link. I hope he has lots of fun… If the only thing I forget to pack when I go to OZ is a “USB cable” then I’ll be very happy 🙂

The last few weeks have been very hectic, what with starting my new job so I haven’t had much time to muse on Rockinmochin. Getting used to new routines, new faces, new pupils and a school which was clearly originally a giant maze had been quite time consuming. I am starting to get used to it all now. Typing up every lesson plan in the OFSTED style format isn’t as time consuming as I once thought and I seem to be keeping on top of things quite well now.

My new classes are full of interesting, but lovely kids and I am loving the challenge. Span was sooo right all those months ago in the Old Joint Stock. I did need a change, something to get my teeth into and I think I could really help to make a difference at Shenley. I am pretty sure that I have already left a lasting impression on some of the kiddies there 😉
I have only just started loosen up a little with them now… I performed my first ‘I’m so excited about this lesson’ learning dance in front of Year 7 yesterday when I took them to the computer room to use the track changes mode in word so that they could demonstrate to me how much they’d learnt… (Don’t ask) I was so excited to be using ICT with a class who were responding that I started singing “Holler Back Girl” and jigging up and down the rows of machines.

There are some subtle differences between Tommy’s and Shenley kids. Years 7 are less OTT at Shenley and they settle quickly with hardly any attention seekers or overly cheeky chappies. Year 8 are ready to learn but a challenge because their ability is sooo diverse. I have kids who are barely level 3 with kids who are trying to achieve level 6! Whoa.. Good fun to plan for though. Year 9 were a challenge because they’d already decided English was crap (too hard) and had switched off. They’re getting interested now, slowly…

The kids in the upper years were slightly harder to crack as they’ve had to put up with the crap for longer but they are all so bright and intelligent and I can’t wait to help them see their potential….

I have learnt so much already just being there. There are so many excellent teachers who are willing to share their good practice and, because of the circumstances the school is in, we actually have time to do just that. It’s like working in a place where some of the best teachers in the LEA have been pooled together and it’s an absolute pleasure to be a part of that. It’s really energizing me and driving me to improve my practice even further. I am thriving and really enjoying what I always loved doing… I just wish that all my former colleagues could feel the buzz that this job brings.


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