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Yes. Today we went to the places where there are puppies.  Not because we wanted to buy a puppy but because they are soooo cute!  We also went and drove around to a few more houses.  We haven’t gone inside any of them but we did find a nice one which allows pets and is opposite a duck pond.  I was a bit concerned about Stan + Duck = murder but Matt reckons that they’re too big… I think they might just be too slow…  Well we haven’t got the house yet (lol) so we don’t need to worry the ducks at this point.  We’re hoping to go and look tomorrow.

MC commented that she figured that the only reason we’d come back was for the food.  It does look a bit like that doesn’t it!!!  But my goodness how good the food is!  I no longer go out for lunch with the choice of cheese and tomato or egg mayonnaise!  Today I had roast pumpkin, pine and walnuts and feta cheese salad (YOM).  So much better for veggies out here 🙂  No wonder I came back with a few extra pounds last time 😉 .  I’m sure the novelty will wear off eventually.  Until then, I plan on eating… a lot! 😉

We tried to go and see Avatar today but all the tickets were sold out!!  It must be doing well then!  We’ll try again tomorrow maybe.

I’ve manged to get my Aussie Sim to work in my Skype phone but not  Skype to work with my Aussie Sim. As a result we are currently only ‘Skype-able’ through the laptop when we’re logged on with our dongle. (LOl all these gadgets!!!).  We did however buy a Skype in number.  That’s a Birmingham local number and when you call it you’ll get through to our Skype account (when we’re logged on).  If you want the number then email me and I’ll send it over to you – Unless you’re someone I either don’t like or… don’t know… in which case erm… you’re not having it! 😉

By the way, I’ve added a new clock / weather widget because the old clocks I had were actually wrong!! If you scroll over the time it will also tell you the date. However, it’s been lying about the eather all day. Apparently it’s really cloudy and 17 in Adelaide… that’s not true i’m afraid. It’s been sunny and about 25 for ages!!! lol Ah well…. I guess I’ll have to find yet another solution!


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