Grab that battered guitar Chris!

This came on in a book shop today.  I was suddenly back in the garage. Han and I at the front.  Chris slightly behind us with the dodgy guitar, John playing invisible drums and Kel + Aimee either on “keys” or backing singers somewhere lol Be warbed the webcam mic couldn’t quite handle my enthusiasm.. No.. no wine involved either! lol

Just imagine how full this site’s servers might have been in 1992!


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  1. N8Girl 9 years ago

    We rocked that karaoke machine. We were ahead of our time was the problem, if only we’d been doing that ten years later…. in America…. and one of us was called Britney…. fairly specific what if’s but you know what I mean. We were wasted in a garage, WASTED.

    My captcha is ‘all lavisher’

    and I will baby, I will….

  2. N8Girl 9 years ago

    Can I also compliment you on how firmly you sang the word ‘stream’ during the first verse by the way. That was most definitely a stream, not to be confused with a brook, or small river.


  3. Mummy Cow 9 years ago

    Lovin’ it Sel!


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