Great Balls of…

Me infront of Rundle Mall's silver balls

Great Balls of Rundle

After waking and eating more yummy raisin toast (YOM!) we got bored of looking for a house online and decided to drive into the city.  The home of the City Cross food hall which we enjoyed frequenting every Saturday.  Well, it’s Saturday today so why break the habits of ermmm 11 months?!We headed straight to the Chai Latte and Canolli / Carrot Cake and marvelled at how KFC was now where the Gourmet Doughnut stall was and that the Gourmet Doughnut stall had now replaced something else… Something we just can’t remember. 

We were releaved to find that Coffee and Cream (home of the good Chai Lattes) was still in business.  I was concerned after yesterday discovering that my favourite Starbucks with the view of the sunsets in Glenelg had disappeared!!!  (Very traumatic experience).

  We wandered around the town center.  Found some replacement bronze, polarised, whisker Oakley sunnies for Matt.  This means he no longer has to walk around like a pirate with one eye shut in readiness for a rip roaring “oooh argghhh!”. I know that this will disappoint J but it just wasn’t good for his health ( or his social standing!)  We have both promised to keep an eye on these specs as the last pair (you may remember) were  lost to the wilds of the side of Snowdon.  Matt’s dad is still looking for the sheep who stole them as we speak! 

We also went back to the place where we bought our wedding rings and my engagement ring and had them all cleaned up for free.  SHIINNNNNNYYYYY they are!  Fabulous and glistening in the sun like no one’s business!  Well they were until we had to reapply the sunscreen this afternoon…

wok in  abox matt

Matt with his prize Chicken Satay.

Matt’s highlight for the day was probably the moment he reunited himself with an old favourite.  Wok  in a box.  He ate it with such gusto that he managed to get Chicken Satay sauce all over the new sunnies he’d been wearing for 10 mins and down his T-shirt!  Ah simple things….Wok in Box Heaven!

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  1. Mummy Cow 9 years ago

    I’ve worked it out – the real reason you’ve gone back to Oz was the food! If I’d known I’d have imported all your gourmet desires!
    MC x


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