Gym, burgers, paint and an aeroplane to DUBLIN!

Not much to report today. Got up, went to the gym, came home and ate the biggest veggie burger ever (Well I’d already burned off those calories hadn’t I?) Then proceeded to paint my front room. I’ve been looking for the perfect purple for 3 weeks now. Span found it, it was already painted in my office and I had loads of it left over in my attic… Then came the brilliant idea, the perfect cream was in my hall way (Checked – had some of that too!) The result? Two walls grey, two half walls purple, the other halves cream.

Now to some (My Mother – prime example) the thought of three such colours together in a room may fill you with dread; you may even be thinking that it might resemble a little lollipop. Instead, and LOF and I are most bemused by this, despite the colours being rather different to each other they work! They reflect each other as they go around the room and at night the room has a completely different mood to its day time reverie. Excellent.

Next plan is to create art work for the walls. I have bought canvas, wood (for a frame) and lots of tester pots of colours to complement perfect purple, cream and grey. These will be hung on the purple walls to tie the colours together. Then dye the throws Mocha/choca splash out on new curtains and a new carpet and voila! a newly decorated front room.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed though. I have worked hard today but the rest of the house is in a complete state. I am off on holiday tomorrow (The blog may well lie dormant until Friday) and LOF’s mum and sis are coming to stay on Saturday. That gives me very little time to get my house in order. STRESS.. I know full well if I don’t have the housework done by 4:00pm 2morrow then I shan’t relax in DUBLIN!!!

I’m off to Dublin!!! I’ve never been before so this should be very exciting. I shall be sure to post lots of pictures upon my return (To be sure, to be sure)

So daily tedious report over…. Good night bloggers everywhere. Span (remember the oven will work when you get home!!! )


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