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Sorry if I sent you an email this morning….. I’ve kind of invited you to join me in a little experiment. Before I use this technique on a real, businessy website (or for N8 if it works) I thought I’d give it a go on here… lol That means that you – my lovely friends and family – have become my guinea pigs!

I am engaging in something called “Game Mechanics” The idea being that each user gets points. Point for logging in, POints for commenting, points for bringing in a new user… etc. and POINTS MEAN PRIZES! So, if you don’t mind log in and (apart from earning points) have a go at commenting etc. Let me know how it works out! I just want to see what happens really! If you can’t be bothered that ‘s also cool too! Sorry to disturb you – carry on! 😉


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  1. Selena Woodward 9 years ago

    So far, having spent a while setting it up – I’m not sure about it! lol

  2. The Howards 8 years ago

    How bizarre.

    Owe you loads of news but still catching up after panto and other stuff leading to tiring week. Never mind. Managed to get Cinderella to the ball and married to the prince 3 nights in a row so all is well!!


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