Happy 1st Birthday Twisty!

Can you believe that Mr T is a whole year old already?

I’m pretty convinced that children actually steal time.  There’s no way that a whole year just happened…!  Crazy Biscuits.  I can’t believe how much we have learnt and changed. How much I can achieve on less than 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep, how many cuddles, heart melting moments, smiles, milestones and how many wonderfully loving days I would experience.

Wow, as cliched (and annoying if I remember rightly) it is to say you have no idea until you have one….  well…  It’s AMAZEBALLS!
One Year On
Just look at him!  He’s changed so much and is developing into a gorgeous dude who is laid back with a wicked sense of humour. I spell trouble when he’s older.  He seems to be a fan of making mummy jump – with Daddy’s help…  TROUBLE 😉


On Wednesday, his actual birthday, we went to Water World and hung out in the toddler pool for the afternoon.  It was brilliant actually. I honestly thought it would be a bit naff… but it wasn’t at all and Tristan loved the water cannons and the sensory area where he could run (with help) through water tunnels and press buttons that made water spurt and noises sound.  Very cool!  I think we’ll spend a fair bit of time there when he gets bigger. It’s only 6 bucks to get in too! BARGAIN !

We had a bit of a party for him on Sunday.  We set the garden up with all sorts of toys but it rose above 35 degrees so we ended up in the living room.   Never mind!  It was a bit hot for everyone outside.  Tristan didn’t mind  😉 We went back out there in the afternoon and played in the ball pit and ran around the garden in his car, all before bed.  I think he had a lovely time 🙂

Dino Puzzle cake. Sugar free and fabulous

Dino Puzzle cake. Sugar free and fabulous

I made him a dino cake with a recipe that contained only fresh things and NO sugar.  It’s quite nice too. If you wanna give it a go I got the recipe from here.  We went with banana and blueberry cake with cream cheese frosting 🙂

Thank you to all those of you who sent well wishes, gifts or just attended to share and say Happy Birthday to our fabulous mini dude! 🙂

Here are a few pictures of him celebrating this week:


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