Happy Easter to you!

It’s been sunny in both places this weekend hasn’t it?  We’re enjoying a lovely 5 day long weekend.  I can’t believe that today is the last of it all – at least schools don’t go back until next week so my jet-setting doesn’t have to start until then 🙂  Doesn’t mean I haven’t’ got prep to do though!

We’ve spent the weekend roaming Morialta, watching so much Supernatural that I dream about demons and strange incidents and eating way too many hot cross buns and chocolate (of course).  We’ve caught up with most of the family this weekend over the web of cam and heard that it’s been all sunny and nice for you guys too 🙂 Yay!  Hopefully it’ll be like that when we’re around in June and August 🙂

The weather is “Autumnal” here at the moment.  Which means about 22-24 degrees and lovely.  I’ve spent the morning at the beach with a coffee (yay! i can drink that now) and a melting moment (a rather yummy lemony biscuit thingy).

Hendrix's Spider Friend - we shall call him "Borris"

Hendrix has been enjoying Easter and celebrating by toying with the affections of a huntsman spider – poor thing – Matt, being Matt, took a picture of him… with a ruler.. before releasing him back into the wild somewhere near the creek.  He was also impressed with a giant Ant we found yesterday.  It could lift a whole pine cone and carry it away 😉

They’re both sat on their tower in the sun at the moment.  Sun bathing whilst keeping one eye on the front lawn for any signs of pigeon toys…. *sigh*

Sid the Lizard

Sid the Lizard - in his home up the side of Morialta

We’ve seen plenty of wildlife this weekend but, thankfully, none that we would want to eat.

All in all it’s been a very relaxing weekend and although, to be honest, we have snuck a bit of work in there (shhh!), it’s been a lot more relaxing than a standard working day or two!  🙂  Here’s to Term 2, EVHC making millions and early retirement! (lmao) We’ll be millionaires by the time we’re 40… hey dad?


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