Happy Easter (Bilby Style)

Easter Eggs - Oxfam Fair trade egg and Rocklea Road Egg
Easter Eggs - Oxfam Fair trade egg and Rocklea Road Egg

NOM! and YOM!

Well! Happy Easter blog readers ! 🙂 We’ve been enjoying a lovely sunny (26 -29 degree) Easter weekend here and are loving it! April/ March seems a lovely time of year here as the weather matches that of a lovely, hot summers day in England.  You know one of those rare days where you get sun burnt in the garden because you can’t quite believe this is happening in the UK? 🙂 It’s been like that all week and looks to continue to stay that way too 🙂 So… next time you’re thinking of a visit somewhere at this time of year hop on over on a plane (it would be very easterly of you to do so wearing Easter bunny ears).

Chocolate eggs have been purchased and are currently in the process of being eaten (YOM) but this weekend has almost been more like Christmas than Easter. We’ve been able to to buy so many of the things that we still needed to get as a result of our choice to leave some things in the UK. It’s been ace!  We’ve got a lovely new LCD TV, a NOM NOM (or TOM TOM as most call it) so I dont’ continue to locate the schools i visit through the use of IPhone on knee (not very safe), a petrol lawn mower and a cat….  Yes another cat who, for the moment is being called Wilfred.  We have no idea whether this cat is a he or a she.  It’s hard to tell… I know what to look for but the poor little fur ball is in a bit of a state. He found us last night when we were heading to the beach for a coffee at about 9pm.  He was heading out of the bushes by the creek and started to meow as he walked to towards us. What’s really funny is he is almost exactly the same in colour and markings as Henny. He is bigger though and has a different face structure.  When Matt bent down to stroke him, thinking he was just a friendly neighbourhood cat, he realised just how emaciated he was and gasped.  He literally looks like he hasn’t eaten in months.  He has no meat on his bones at all.  You can see his spine at the back of his neck, put your hands behind his ribs and he has no muscles to feel behind his ears.  You know the spot cat lovers – it’s good for strokes and makes their ears wiggle… Not on Wilf.

Lost Cat found in Grange SA

Looking for my mum and dad. Have you seen them?

I promptly scuttled off to get some moggy bix and my phone so we could call the RSPCA.  The trouble is he/ she has chosen to arrive along with the Easter Holidays.  The RSPCA advised us to keep him over night if we could and then named a shelter we could take him to in the morning.  So we did that. Well… wme brought him home and he stayed the night with litter tray, food, water and comfy blanky in the utility room.  In the morning we thought we’d better call the shelter to check they were open.  They were but told me that if he was in that state they would probably just put him down.  “Let’s put it this way we have 30 cats coming in today and 2 pens left” I was told.  Right… Not bringing him to you then. Tried the other shelter.  Same thing. *sigh* but this cat needs medical attention and we don’t even know if he has a microchip and an anxious owner.  There’s no way we’re putting him in a car for 30 mins drive so they can put him down.  No way at all. So… he’s still in the laundry room and there are now posters in the local church, chippie, shop and outside the primary school and on the road where we found him.  I’ll take him to the vets myself on Tuesday and getting him checked over.  He’s sleeping at the moment but he’s eating and drinking and he’s safe.  That’s all I can do for him for now but, it seems, it was more than the RSPCA or Animal Welfare League could do for him.  God knows what will happen there!  Hopefully his owners will come forward… If not and he’s healthy enough… maybe there we will be a 3 cat household (gulp) but he’s not being put down just because the pens are full! Oh no!

So Wilfred has remained in the laundry room ( or utility room as I used to call it pre-emigration) whilst we have mowed the lawn with our new mower, prepared dinner, watched and played computer games on our new TV and relaxed.  Hen and Stan know he’s there.  They’ve been sniffing at the doors but they don’t seem stressed out about it at the moment.  lol. Hendrix is currently curled up in a ball on his radiator hammock (there are no radiators of course.. it’s on a camping chair to give the same effect)

Other exciting news has involved the discovery of, and subsequent delivery of, the meat offer at Matt’s work. We now have an entire draw full of pieces of lamb for him to eat.  I guess that’s the advantage or working for a bank that deals majoritively with the Rural Community. There’s a massive hunk if it defrosting now for dinner later.  All for him…  lol.

I also attended the CEGSA AGM this week which was very insightful. Heard a very interesting man speak about the current 7 trends in ICT and education.  That’s not for this blog (I’ll do a teachertech one soon) but it definitely got me all fired up again and interested in what’s out there. I also made a few more contacts – the main purpose of these events being networking – and discovered a .2 English job in a High School I really admire. I’ve handed them my CV and all the paperwork required so hopefully I’ll be doing a regular stint there on a contract to cover someone doing a sabbatical on another project one  day a week.  They only have one IWB at the school though. (ARGHHH!) so I’ll need to sort that out for them 😉  Should be fun though 🙂

I seem to be carrying a camera (either posh on or I phone ) everywhere at the mo.  Helps me to write my weekly blog post. So… here are some of this weeks shots 🙂

Me Mowing the lawn

OOh Green! See! ohh and wellies, short shorts, green top, headphones around your neck (?) I KNOW it's not a good look. I KNOW!

Playing WOW on the big screen with Meowral support from Hendrix

Playing WOW on the big screen with Meowral support from Hendrix

Boxed TV

The Super TV with DNLA, Flash, Internet connection, HD tuner and super powers...

No... I didn't take this one :(  But.. this is a Bibly !  Just incase you were wondering! :)


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