Happy New Year

Happy New Year 2013

Happy New Year!

It’s officially the first of January 2013 in both Australia and the UK now.   We spent last night at a friend’s house, drinking water and non-alcoholic punch, nibbling on cheddar cheese and chocolate and relaxing.   This is probably one of Matt’s most sober New Years.  Even more sober than the last but it was great to chill and see 2013 in with people who have become great friends of ours.

Every year around this time, bloggers take time to reflect upon the year that has just gone and share their dreams for the year that will be.  This year, the blog will walk into its eighth year – a great achievement when you consider the first post (originally hosted by blogger and written in April 2005) stated I wouldn’t ever be writing again. I’ve probably said this before but, I’m really grateful that it was Hannah (Now N8girl – previously Spanair) who first started a blog.  I only got one so I could comment on a post she had written.  Without learning that skill, i honestly think that my life (definitely professionally) would be very different.  Blogging (and subsequently tweeting and book facing  has really helped me to develop a network of people I can call both friends and professional colleagues   I really value the ‘blogesphere’ for that and am very grateful that I have been able to maintain both this blog and my little side business at the same time.

I am feeling really lucky and incredibly blessed at the moment.  I honestly can’t believe how great 2012 was and how lucky I am to have met so many wonderful people, achieved so much and got as fat and beautifully pregnant as I am now.  When I wrote my annual New Year post at the start of 2012 I was honestly exhausted.  Tired, fed up, worn out – all those things.  I was also trying hard not to let that rule me.  To set clear goals and to make sure I met every single one.  I knew, even then, that 2012 was going to be full of promise and what I focused on (and ran with) was that the world is there for the taking.  You just have to push hard enough to grab it! 🙂

“To begin with, in April, there will be the birth of two  niece (s)/nephew (s) (One official and one unofficial).  I also hope that I can add a miniature ’woowaa’ to the list of 2012 births – we’ll just have to see.”

Those two beautiful little girls arrived safely and it’s been great to watch them grow via Skype.  It’s kind of strange that I haven’t met either of them physically but that certainly hasn’t stopped me from developing a relationship with them.  Zoe (my sister’s daughter) is very used to Aunty Selena and Uncle Matt being in the box (iPad) and gets so excited when she sees us! – It’s cool!  We can play peek-a-boo over the webcam and she likes to natter to me, then look puzzled whilst she waits for my response.. if I talk for too long she just natters loudly over me until I shut up and she can reply.  I have no idea what we’re talking about, but she clearly understands how talking works and I can’t wait for those little squeaks and vowels to turn into words and maybe even little phrases as we move into 2013.

Adelaide Weather Early Jan2013

Adelaide Weather Early Jan 2013

Of course, miniature ‘woowaa’ is currently curled up in my belly trying to decide which day might be good to make an appearance.  I have joked all along that he will probably choose the hottest day of the year to arrive… As you can see there are several options… It’s a stonking-ly hot summer this year!  I guess he’ll just come when he’s ready 🙂  We only have 8 days until our official due date (not that seems to mean too much 😉

Mr Woodward Jnr. will certainly make 2013 an exciting, different, wonderful year for Matt and I.  We can’t wait to meet him and learn all about him 🙂 He will be the reason why 2013 will top 2012 hands down 🙂

What were my New Year’s Resolutions and How did I do?

“Now, as for New Year’s resolutions: I’m going to be brave and record mine here…. where it will be in Google and archived and everything (so it will have to be done).

1) I will either join a choir or get some vocal training – It’s about time I returned to that.

2) I will carry on with my Pilates every week, even when I feel rubbish, and will try and add two more classes a week to the mix (Zumba is good fun and maybe I can work my way back up to body attack/pump.)

3) I Will  try again with my book.  This time I’ll pick a local publisher and I will have an ISBN for it by the end of 2012 – so help me!

4) I Will finish the two iPod apps I have written for lesson planning and publish them to iTunes

5) I will be happy and healthy so that I can support my family and friends to do the same :)

Taken from: Welcome 2012

I did pretty well actually 🙂

Join a choir….

soulfactorI did join a choir and I have done 6 concerts with them this year already. Considering I joined at Easter I don’t think that’s bad! I am a soprano once more! Front row, third from the left… that’s where you’ll find me.  Unless we’re doing a choreographed number then I’ll be the one who’s slightly out of time and lifting the wrong arm 😉

It’s all awesome fun though and I have met some wonderful, warm, open and brilliant people who have become friends.  It was one of the best things I decided to do in 2012 and, although I will be understandably taking a little break for a few months, I’m very much looking forward to joining them again once things settle down again 🙂

Weekly Pilates

So this was scuppered a fair bit once I got pregnant!  However, I have instead been attending regular Yoga classes at Yoga Spirit in Henley and they have been so good!  I can’t recommend pre-natal yoga enough.  Time to relax, stretch, learn about how you body works, learn how to breathe to relax and hang out with other women who are all getting steadily more and more pregnant with you.    I’ve had a wonderful time in those classes and I’m really looking forward to joining some of these mums again in the Mum and Bubs sessions next year! 🙂 I guess once I’ve graduated that class I’ll get back into some more ‘hard-core’ muscle toning 🙂

The Book


Not only did I finish it and get an ISBN for it, it’s actually on sale on Amazon   I learnt an awful lot about self publishing this year. Including, how there are many companies out there who make it sounds like they’ll help who just want you to part with a couple of grand….  This book was published by CreateSpace who take NO MONEY upfront and only pay your royalties on what you actually sell.  Seems fair to me! I have sold a few too – which is a pleasant surprise!

I managed to get this launched in the store about a month ago so it will be interesting to see how many get sold once the summer hols are over (Aus) and the schools are back in session (globally).  Someone bought 30 copies in one go… I suspect that might have been spearheaded by MummyCow and Shenley… she hasn’t confirmed or denied yet 😉

The App

lessonplannerThe Lesson Planner went into the store around the same time as the book.  I will never scoff at paying something for an app again.  Did you know that I have to pay$99 a year for the privilege of having the opportunity to publish to the store and that, for each app sold, Apple take a sizable chunk from the price for themselves….  Add that to the hours of work that both Matt and I did to get that app in the store in the first place and I have to sell around 80 to break even with just the annual fee (which has pretty much been achieved). Honestly, if I use the “lite” version of an app regularly, i now go and purchase the full version.  Poor buggers!

Hopefully we’ll get this into the Google Play store soon 🙂 It’s been good fun learning about how all this works that’s for sure!  It’s been even better to have the opportunity to develop on and share the work that a bunch of great teachers did a few years ago 🙂

Happy and Healthy

When i wrote that I was undergoing IVF. I was knackered, uncomfortable (far more so than I am at nearly full term pregnancy) and was praying that it would all be worth it… that it would work.  Eventually it did and I am sooooo grateful for that – We both are.  This little fellow in my belly has helped me to focus, to be happy and to be healthy and to achieve everything I had hoped (and probably) more in 2012.  That hurdle felt so inexplicably huge that when we managed to overcome that one the others were easy! 🙂

What about 2013?  What are my resolutions for this coming year?

This year will be all about learning to be a mum and I can’t wait! I hope for a happy and healthy baby in the next few days so that I can be the best mum I can be for him.  I hope that Matt’s business keeps on growing as it has this year, so that he can be home with us both more and enjoy our little son as much as possible.  I will do everything I can to help make that happen.  I will continue to cherish and nourish the friendships that I have made in 2012 – I am so grateful for my Aussie mates and hope that they will put up with me as I turn into a grumpy, sleep deprived new mom 😉

I’m really excited to see what 2013 has in store!  I have less, well-defined goals, for this year but I have so much to look forward to and to explore.  I can’t wait to sit here and write my 2014 post with my son on my knee 🙂

Happy New Year Everyone! 🙂

Don’t be afraid to set your New Years resolutions in stone and to fight for them! 🙂  That’s how great years are made 🙂  Here’s to 2013!



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