Hateful Husband

Cheerful LOF

A Very positive/drunk husband...or sarcastic? lol

Now that title will get some attention!

It might also serve to mislead people looking into the very dark topic of mean, nasty, hateful husbands.  Mine is usually quite jolly.  As the charming image to our right, taken at my sister’s recent wedding, demonstrates most people would find LOF to be fun and relaxed; a very warm and gentle soul…

So…  Why is it that he is now the ring leader of the “I hate page” on Facebook.  I believe it all started when my the lovely little sister of my bestie (N8girl), “liked” IKEA. Apparently that took him over the edge!

The creation of the  "I Hate" facebook Page

Apparently he was so filled with “hate” that he needed to create a page for it

and merchandise!

Does anyone else enjoy the irony of having to “like” the hate page to raise its profile?


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  1. Ann Howard 8 years ago

    Two big ironies! Matt being a generally unhateful person, and having to ‘like’ the hate page. Will get J on to it!!


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