Hello British Summer… so this was where you were hiding!

LOF's new Flame

I think I may have solved the age old question of “Where did Summer go?”. Fear not fellow Brits! It’s hanging out with me in Adelaide at the moment. I am currently writing sat at my garden table, typing away in my summer dress, sitting next to my new out door thermometer which is telling me it’s 28°s – It’s spring. LOF is sat opposite with his top off! Not something I’m usually accustomed to in Spring!

In preparation for the beginning of summer Spring, we decided to take one more step in the direction of real Aussie Citizenship.  We went BBQ hunting and successfully purchased one from a shop with THE most awesome name. How can anyone resist purchasing the new flame for the Lord of The Flame from a place called “Bonza BBQs” !

The trip to fetch this BBQ was interrupted only by a short trip to our favourite coffee supplier.  We wanted to get some special blend for our fabulous coffee machine. Whilst there we were talking to our favourite “cellar door” coffee assistant and as LOF was describing his need for a stronger, more bitter taste and how that conflicted with my penchant for creamer, smoother coffees a suggestion was made that we started the interesting journey of creating our own blends from a range of “single origin” beans – SUCH A COFFEE SNOB NOW!   HOW exciting!!!!!

Of course, in order to do such a thing, you need more coffee equipment. Namely, a coffee grinder.  Excitedly we purchased one, along with 500g of various “single origin” beans and it wasn’t until we left the shop realising we’d somehow spend just over $400 that we both panicked! It’s a good job that we like coffee!  Oh.. and Matt got a free coffee of his choice too whilst we were at it! 🙂 Anyhoo.  Selbucks is now able to brew you a specific blend of your favourite beans 😉  Tee hee.  It’s like my tea fascination.. but with coffee.  Feel free to pop round any time and get “buzzy” as we sample different blends – much more exciting that alcohol in my view!

Oh, yeah, BBQs.  So… after spending nearly $1ooo dollars on appliances yesterday we put the BBQ together. LOF then, feeling much more at home, declared that things were now as they should be once more. That we had made a good choice – all this done with a special fair trade, Ethiopian, strong coffee (from Selbucks) in his hand 😉

Steak anyone? LOLz

Steak anyone?

You would have thought that all of this shopping, and subsequent meat feast would keep LOF more than happy for the rest of the evening.  However, as I was chopping salad in the kitchen and preparing the lovely red peppers capsicum for the BBQ, I heard the following in a rather angry voice.  “Oi! Who told you you could have that EH? You little bastard! What the hell are you doing?!!!” Following these words was the view of a cat being flung through the patio door in my general direction as the words “You little Bastard” were repeated once more.  Now, this weekend is one of the first weekends in a while where we’ve had such lovley summer spring weather, thus everyone is in their garden enjoying the sunshine and “chucking another prawn on the BarB”  Matt and I are the only inhabitants of this here lovely house, so, no doubt they thought he was screaming at me until I shouted “What’s happening?” through the door too.  At this point I can see one of Matt’s prize steaks on the patio floor and Hendrix looking sheepish.  It would seem that, whilst his back was turned, Hendrix has managed to remove the steak from underneath it’s protective food umbrella thingy and has tried very hard to run off with it.  Unfortunately, this steak was the size of his head and he had been caught in the act!  On the up side he did then inherit a nice free steak for him and Stan to share!
LOL  LOF, on the other hand, was not impressed!


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  2. Darcy 9 years ago

    Hey Hendrix,

    I knicked the chicken left on the side during Sunday lunch today. You’d think they’d learn, but fortunately, humans are SO forgetful.
    Meow ha ha


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