Hello Zoe Elizabeth…

Well, I knew I should have got off my backside and wrote on here sooner… What ever i’ve been up to in the last 10 days can’t measure up to this little one can it 😉


Someone trying to get her out of bed before lunch on a weekend?

This is Miss Zoe Elizabeth.  Daughter to Mrs K and Mr A Foster and she’s lovely isn’t she!

Mum called me at 3:30am to let me know – she was born around 6pm UK time you see – I was so asleep that all I remembered when i eventually woke up was that she was a girl and something about a 7.  When I spoke to Mum again later I was told that she was 7lb, 6.5, has long fingers (so she’ll be a guitarist/pianist then), with long nails (guitarist then) and lots of black hair on her head.  Apparently, when she’s all grisly and crying (bearing in mind the poor girl had been ‘out’ for about 2 hours when mum visited) all you have to do is let her hold your finger and she’ll stop (handy and cute).

I have named this little person Micro.  I will probably be the only person to address her as such but, as my sister has been ‘mini’ – as in ‘mini Clarke’ for so long, it only seems fitting that this little one be called ‘micro’. 😉 so:

Micro,  When you eventually get to go home (maybe at the weekend) look out for a parcel with your name on… it was meant to arrive before you did but you came a little early. Sorry about that! 😉 Hope you like what’s inside!

Aunty S and Uncle M.



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    mochinbach 7 years ago

    Dad – or should I say Grandad – has made Zoe a You Tube Channel already.  He’s taken some of the pictures and video from the day she was born and put them here : http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKtRHzInO-RzEYdEgwQn6YA?feature=watch   Thought I’d record the link for prosperity and so you can have  nose if you like 😉


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