Here Here sign of the times…

I do spend a lot of time on facebook… It’s a great way for me to keep up to date with the goings on of my friends and family. I chat to my cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Pals.. all sorts. Mostly about nonsense but nonsense is the normal stuff that we sometimes take for granted πŸ˜‰ This morning when I logged on I noticed that one of my most awesome of uncles has been offended by a status message his teenage daughter left about wanting to get out of this S**t hole. Now… When we were 16 we all wanted to get out of this S**t hole. We didn’t mean that we hated the people we lived with or the house we grew up in. What we meant was -“I’m a teenager – I’m working out who I am and I feel like I’d like to get out and see a bit more.” πŸ˜‰ I guess the difference is. Even when I was 16 comments like that were private. I might have spoken like that to my friends (no mum… I’m sorry… i didn’t even bother to spell the word out loud… i just said it.. I was a rebel you see) or mentioned my adverse feelings towards Redditch in Mirc or ICQ. I NEVER would have mentioned it, in quite that manner infront of my parents… Mostly because I’d be in BIG trouble. We don’t swear in the Clarke household until an extreme situation happens and then (if you’re mum) you’d have to spell the word rather than say it – Which is really funny.

What really got me thinking though was this comment… “Here Here sign of the times..” I started imagining what it would have been like if I’d have had YOUtube, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress etc when I was a kid. OH MY GOD! SHAK FM would have been a Youtube channel sending it’s messages across the world. We’d have had to have hid the fact that we were only miming with Dad’s old battered guitar in the garage and N8girl and I would definitely been YOUTUBE singing sensations. In fact we’d have won “Britain’s Got Talent” by the time we were 14 and be filthy stinking rich! I mean I was always being followed with a video camera the size of a small house and was THE Biggest show off known to humanity so just imagine what horrors could have awaited!

However, when you think even further down the generations and consider what might have happened if our parents had had access to the same web 2.0 and file sharing services then it gets really scary. Uncle M would definitely have created himself a Youtube channel for his band and a My Space page to post his gis. My dad? The gadget king? Well goodness only knows what chaos he could have created with the power of the modern inter webs.

Mum? Well I imagine she would have her own Spotify DJ account in which she would showcase her own “edits” of the songs she steals from Youtube – They’re much better than the originals you know…

So… What if we allowed our folks just a taste of the stardom they could have achieved if they were generation y?

and here’s the band they were all singing about…

πŸ˜‰ Sorry folks…

We can’t be that mean to the grownups and not embarrass ourselves can we??

I’ll upload something now….


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