He’s the Director!

At the EVHC Launch
At the EVHC Launch

At the EVHC Launch

So, It all went very well.  It was flipping exhausting but we made a heap of contacts that should help us build the business. I think Matt was very pleased with the outcome and we’re both incredibly grateful for the help of Mr Adams and Ms. Gee 😉   Thank you!  It’s hard to stay  bouncy and interested for a full 12 hours, in boots with heels…. lol

It did nothing but rain the entire weekend though.  You’d think we were back in England in October really!  I guess it was a good thing we were there to stand in a mahoosive hall talking to people rather than attempting to do any shopping of any sort!

There were quite a few fun moments as the weekend went on.  In some of these pictures you’ll see that I’m dressed in trousers with my hair tied back – growler teacher style. That’s because on the first day of the show the guy on the stall opposite mistook me for one of the bimbos that were employed to prance about and kept asking me to dance… with a pole.  On the second day, he actually BEGAN a conversation with Caz with a sentence involving the words “dance and pole”.  Her response was “I don’t think so” and I made sure that I mentioned that I was with my husband and she was with her boyfriend.  We both wished we’d punctuated those sentences with “black-belt husband” and “UFC fighting Boyfriend” just for added effect.  Apparently there was no need though, as he became very sheepish after that point and I wore a dress on the third day again!  hooray!

How horrible for women who work in the industry though?  I was very glad to meet one young woman who had just been recognised for the work she had done in trying to change those attitudes.  I do think though, that hiring young kids in short dresses with the words “go on stare” on their backs should not be encouraged.  It’s certainly not going to help the plight for young women trying to get into that industry.

As the weekend went on we got more and more tired which lead to moments such as Pete and Matt dancing to the Bee Gees in the stall at about 3pm on Saturday.

Although Caz enjoyed making up fake people for the prize draw and sneaking them in so that we had entries from Austin Powers, Spider Man and some other high profile clients… she was most amused (and brought to tears) by the name of one genuine client… and i couldn’t possibly share that business name on here… Let’s just say it was a business that specialized in SERVICING HEAD gaskets. How immature 😉  lol

I'm the Director!

Matt’s real moment of glory happened in a place where only he and Pete could experience it.  Pete, in his wisdom, decided to take Matt off to meet another software house.   Matt was going to be a little reserved with his information. He was exhausted… not really there (His mom will recgonise this phase from night time Skype Calls… the blank face etc.) that’s why Pete took him for a walk ,I think to wake him up.  He didn’t expect Matt to meet the Managing Director of this firm… neither did Matt… When he was asked what he did his reply included the following nifty move… Place  hands in trouser  pockets, swing back onto heels, shift weight to toes and Lift! Whilst still “en point” he said, in a strange voice, (this is this the accent version) “I’m the Direct tour” (must be done with English Accent too).  I reckon if he’d been wearing braces and bow tie he may have been confused for  Dr Who! I don’t think Pete knew what to do with himself! lol


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  1. Gaynor 9 years ago

    What Selina, my baby with a blank face, never, lol I can just imagine, although I think he met somebody even worse from his amusing story he just told me, say no more. It sounded like all went very well, you probably need a long sleep. At least your nose isnt red now, which is a good thing. Have a great day on saturday, hope you and Matthew have a lovely day and meal for his birthday. love mom xxxx


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