House For Sale.

My goodness it’s been over a month since I last contributed to this blog. Shocking. I can only appologise to the three people who read it 😉

The reason for this absense is perhaps more permisable. I’m leaving for OZ in 9 WEEKS!!!! OMFG!!

The last month has been the most tiring and overwhelming 4 weeks I think I have ever experienced. This “trips to far flung countries” has created more of a blur than a colour!
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t for one minute regret the decisions that we have made or the time scale that we have chosen to work to. I do however, have a right to feel absoloutly knackered.

Believe it or not it is also possible to feel nothing about such a big event. Everything HAS to be done and as a result you don’t really have time to consider how you might feel about it. When you’ve invested as much time and money into something you can’t allow yourself to get setimental about your home or the things you are going to leave behind and, in those moments where you fear that on DEC23rd you will tie yourself to the bottom of the bannister and refuse to go because it’s so god damn scary, you have to remind yourself that even though you will be thousands of miles from all of the things that are familiar and true in your life you will also have an amazing experience. Your friends and family will all be exactly as you left them when you return and your conversations might even be filled with different quips. LOM might find himself asking “So you’ve lived in Australia have you?” instead of the usual because I will have something else to talk about. (he’s already slipped in a “are you going somewhere then?” quip more than once this past week.)

People keep telling me how brave we are. This fills me with dread because I don’t feel brave and I’m not even sure why I need to feel brave. If I thought about it too long I’d end up panicing that there was something that I’d forgotten that was really very important. Instead I’ve come to realise that that phrase says a lot more about them and the dreams that they once had than it does about anything that I’m about to do. At the end of the day LOF and I are about to do something really exciting and wonderful and if we can get through the planning and preparation for all of this then we can do anything!

We’ve made several important decisions this month. For example, we’ve decided to sell the house. No, this does not mean (as many of colleagues think) that we have decided not to come home. It’s just going to mean that we don’t have to worry about tennants recking out beautiful home or the rent not being paid and our mortgage going into arrears. It is a massive decision though and I am sure that Matt was quite surprised when I agreed without a second thought. He is having sleepness nights though over what amount of money we should ask for.

We’re also offering the furniture to the lucky home buyer. This is to help reduce the cost of storage at £80 a month. A big box in a field is £80 a month.

I’ve cancelled the TV liscense, the broadband, the telephone etc. so in a few days the family Woodward-Clarke are moving into my mums. (I’ve promised Matt that I will buy him a a pair of earplugs so that the early mornign Saturday disco doesn’t wake him up)

As for staying in OZ for a year? I know it’s going to go one of two ways either we’ll miss home like crazy and come home in 6 or we’ll stay longer than a year. I’ve been at Shenley nearly a year now and it only feels like a few weeks!

Appologies to all those I work with at Shenley for the emergence of my sewer mouth. My hysteria seems to have brought about the regular use of some rather nasty obesenities. I was heard to say “That’s getting right on my knob” the other day – it made me laugh though due to the apparant lack of one of those appendenges. And when I was setting up Year 8s disco the other day. I thought I was in a room full of adults and said lots of rude words only to realise one of the year 8s was sat very quietly in the corner of the room!!! 😮 Shocking isn’t it.

If I am not myself it is because I am so incredibly busy that I’m very sleepy. I’m still me and I’m still happy I’m just not as bouyant as I normally am.


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