How does it feel to go back to Europe after 18 months?

So, our travels are over.  We’ve hopped to Europe and back in a week and enjoyed catching up with family and friends.  This was a our first time out of Australia since we arrived here 18 months ago. So, it was really our first opportunity to see how we felt leaving it.  I know we didn’t go all the way to the UK this time (that will happen in August though) but we did have the opportunity to see our friends and family as well as see how we felt about coming back… and leaving them.

It’s a very strange feeling.  First of all, Matt told me that he felt strangly sad leaving Adelaide in the first place.  He had to remind himself that this wasn’t a repeat trip of our “ping pong” back to the UK in ’07, that we were coming back.  I, on the other hand, was so busy thinking about the stuff I needed to get done when I got back that I wasn’t under any illusion that we wouldn’t be returning!

Spain did feel different this time though.  Obviously, having grown up in the UK, Spain was a regular holiday destination.  It always felt strange and different.  It’s dusty, dry, has terracotta roofed houses, beaches with cafes and a different atmosphere to the U.K.  Weirdly, when you go there from another, dusty, dry place with beaches and terracotta roofed houses it feels strangely familiar.  Even the plants were like the ones we have here in Adelaide.  The feeling of familiarity with the place I now call home.. from a location on the other side of the world was not something I was expecting.  It was nice though.  It also meant that leaving Spain, our holiday destination, didn’t seem as much of a wrench as it did when we were living in the UK.  I’ve left the Spanish beaches and cafes for the one’s down the road.

It’s a nice feeling knowing that you want to come back.  It’s even nicer knowing that the life you have now chosen to lead everyday is a little like the one that your friends and family back home see as a holiday.  I’m not being unrealistic, obviously I have to go to work in between but at the end of the day, the beach is at the end of the road, the sun is usually shinning and I can relax here 🙂

Of course, hanging out with your friends for the first time in 18 months is wonderful.  To be honest, I was worried about where I might fit in after all that time.. it appears I fit exactly where I used to! (yay!) which is a relief!  I did have a secret cry on the beach during the wedding because I knew that now that lovely day was over, I had to be on my way… away from my best mate again.  I soon slapped myself out of that though.  I’ll see her in 5 weeks! 😉

Let’s see how I cope with it after August!

Here’s some more piccies of the event!


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