i think i saw a lepricorn!

I’ve just realised that, via the medium of LOF’s fruity device, I can add an entry to my blog. It’s tricky typing with these tiny keys so sorry about poor spelling etc.

I’m in Dublin at the moment. This is a truly facinating city and I have taken plenty of pictures to upoload when I get back.

Ireland is not really what I expected it to be. There aren’t any lepricorns, people don’t mention blarney stones and there isn’t much rolling countryside where I’m sitting.(I know, we chose to come to a city!

The people here are emensley proud of their culture and history.There are statues and monuments everywhere to remind visitors of Ireland’s troubled past. The rich cultural history is,of course, echoed by it’s literary heritage. (Matt took me to the writer’s museum today) and the Guiness tastes really different!

Those who know me well will realise that it might be dangerous to supply me with a pint of Guiness, but it comes free on the tour of the store house. What can you do? I tried to drink my first pint, I did enjoy it but it was so thick and filling, and of course it went straight to my head, that I had to drink it to just below the word draught on the glass and hand it over to Matt. I then proceeded to wander around the gift shop completly off my face (several times I teatered dangerously close to glasses!) It was a lot of fun though 🙂 .
There is a lot of building work going on at the moment. Matt and I have been very amused by the fact that the pedestrian crossings make a noise, not dis-similar from a machine gun, when you cross the road.Perhaps this is another way of reminding visitors of that difficult past I mentioned earlier?

Any way my fingers are aching from the tinny tiny keys and I’ll never be able to write it all down till I’m at home!

Until 2morrow!


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