If you go into the woods today…

Well it’s not really that much of a surprise to see these little  furry creatures in Morialta Conservation Park but there you go! 😉  See if you can spot our furry friends, the koalas, in these pictures. (They get bigger if you click on them 😉

We took the photos in Morialta, a conservation park about 45 mins drive from our home here in Adelaide. It’s a place we’ve walked many times. We’ve e taken some of you with us on occasion.  Unfortunately for the cute koalas, Sunday was a very misty, rainy day so they were very active.  Most of them were curled up in a little ball, like hedgehogs in trees (without the spikes I guess).  After last weekends 43 degree heat I imagine the rain and the low 20 something temperature had them feeling a little chilly.  Poor things!

Just waking up

Koala Spotting 1

Look really carefully

apparently Koalas don't appreciate the rain

They're cute though aren't they!


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  1. Terenaclarke 7 years ago

    They haven’t moved since we visited!!!!


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