I’m a day behind…

Well Monday… I was on holiday and so Tuesday felt like Monday and today feels like Wednesday but it’s Thursday and tomorrow’s Friday and then it’ll be the weekend again! Yay!

Yep. It was a bank holiday public holiday last weekend and we go invited to “The Beach House” at Marion Bay. Pete’s Dad’s beach house in a lovely, sunny, beach side location. As N8girl put it “I went to the coast… well a different coast to the one I live at..” It’s nice to move away from the housework and the office with the computer and three businesses. I think we all needed to be in a location where there is no phone reception, no internet (and as of Saturday lunchtime) no TV.

3 Card Flush


Matt decided to take the relaxing quite seriously. The first beer was cracked open in the car on the way down – not a habit I’m going to be encouraging…  :p. and stopped Saturday night after Matt had drunk soo much that:

He took an out of date Panadol to stop his mosquito bites from itching….
which resulted in him sitting inside, on his own, away from the mozzies, with monopoly all set out.
When asked what he was doing he quietly murmured.. ” I’m playing Monopoly… with myself… and I’m LOSING!” (not something Charlie Sheen would be proud of.).
Later on, when new friends arrived, he decided to play poker and was convinced that 3 cards were all you needed to get a flush… anyone who told him otherwise what not only a cheat but was somehow insulting her majesty the queen.
He combated this anti-royalist attitude by screaming about the queen in full voice at unprecedented pitches. You know the voice I mean….

He wasn’t the only one drinking, of course… Even I had a glass or two of wine. But I think after that marvellous showing of drunken Matt he was quite happy to abstain from further alcohol consumption.



We all had great fun on Saturday lilo surfing.  We were very amused when Pete managed to get ‘wiped out’ by a wave an a secret dip in the shore line. I got quite excited when I saw a Ray underneath us… no not of the postie variety ;)… of the fishy type with a little tail.  I imformed Matt of my discovery because I didn’t want him to put his foot down and squash the poor little fella.  He didn’t share my enthusiasm for floating above the little fishy. Instead he pegged it out of the sea dragging the lilo (and consequently me) out of the sea and back on to the shore at a rate of knots!

Of course there was the obligatory sand monster building (not Egypt this time) and the board games 🙂 Matt even managed to play Risk for 4 hours… with other people this time… He came second. I fell asleep! lol

Thanks for letting us share in your lovely weekend guys! 🙂


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  1. Ann and Jeremy 9 years ago

    That looks fab!! Have had to stop looking at the photos; it’s too much. sob.


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