I’m quiet but I’m OK!

I’m suffering at the moment… Suffering from a cold (all say Ahhhhh). I am still fully functional (at work you cheeky people) thanks to “first response” or, as LOF likes to refer to it, my ‘legal’ sniffing drug. I am however feeling a little tired and I guess all my usually bouncy energy is being focused on keeping me awake!
This has led to people at work having accused me of being up to something because I was quiet! Lil Purn suggested that I was planing something (I don’t know what… I hope it’s fun) lol.
I’m currently sat on the sofa in the front room (computer’s still downstairs attached to the tv) wrapped in my favourite duvet keeping warm and contemplating an early night. Zzzz I am not however, up to anything! lmao!
Goodness! I knew I was usually bubbly and perhaps bouncey 😉 but I’m just tired people! lol


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