In Development (Miniature Super Hero)

After what has been one of the biggest challenges for us to date, we couldn’t be more happy to announce one of the most exciting and life-changing bits of news from Team Woodward yet!

For those of you that keep up with the blog, you’ll have no doubt picked up on the roller-coaster of emotions that has gotten us to this point. It’s been challenging, educational and one hell of a journey, but in three simple steps we have created the ultimate human being:

Fig. 1: Step One – Create life! (4 Days)

1. Creating life: Add together the DNA of two ultimate super powers. Combining each of their unique capabilities (my super long legs, and Moch’s…well, super everything!) to create a power to be reckoned with. Seriously though, after a plethora of tests, checks (“do you have to measure my inside leg again?”) and poking / prodding, our very life force was extracted from us, jiggled about in a tomato sauce bottle and squirted into a jam jar. Therein lay the very beginnings of our offspring to be (see Fig. 1).

Fig. 2: Step 2 – Nurture & Grow (8 Weeks)

2. Nurture & Grow: Being super isn’t just about having extraordinary powers, it’s about knowing your limits – knowing that a jam jar will only hold you for so long! So rather than hanging around eating all of the aforementioned jam, find yourself a worthy host (you don’t mind do you Moch?) and enter into the wonderful world of symbiosis (as long as the host doesn’t mind a bit of nausea!). Go from a few cells to an embryo, add some boiling water (!?@) and voila – a living, growing, instant super hero with a heart racing faster than Linford Christie. (See Fig. 2 – No it’s not a picture of Linford Christie!).

Fig. 3: Step Three –  The Sprinkle of Magic (12 Weeks)

3. Mature & Finish with a Sprinkle of Magic: After twelve weeks on the planet, our (miniature) super hero is raring to go, with some rather splendid dance moves that already put me to shame – I did attempt to equal the thrusting but the Sonographer looked a little scared. From what I’ve read, the next 28 weeks will be spent maturing and honing super powers (think telepathy, telekinesis, the power to eat 20 sausage rolls!) until said super hero can take on the magic of life, outside in the big wide world.

Are you still wondering what the news is? No… I wouldn’t have thought so, but for those that are still a bit confused, Team Woodward is no longer just a duo! We are pregnant, well Moch is… (maybe I am too?) We are soo happy, and hope the little smidgen of craziness to this awesome news has made you happy too!

Welcome into the wonderful, magical world of life Baby Woowaa, may you have a safe journey over the coming months – we can’t wait to meet you 🙂 xxx

This is the Captain, signing out until my next post (somewhere in the distant future *echos*).


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  1. Kell 7 years ago

    So so happy for you, i actually have shiny tears in my eyes. Can’t wait to be Auntie hell to a beautiful miniture 🙂

    • kell 7 years ago

      oh poo the k got missed off!

      • mochinbach 7 years ago

        If you want to be Aunty Hell that’s cool. Maybe we’ll have heavenly baby as a result!!! Lol

  2. mochinbach 7 years ago

    Thank you for all of your comments on Facebook and Twitter 🙂 I’ve collected them up and put them here so they are saved forever 🙂


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