Inspired by an email

I recieved a funny email today which asks you to do the following:

Go into google and type in your name followed by “needs” : E.G. “Michael needs” Then submit the search and see what comes up.

Here’s some I tried earlier:

Matt needs an Xbox 360 –> Oh how happy he was with that result

Ant needs some pipes –>? Do you?
Mark Needs A Chick –> mmm>?
Apparently Ezzat doesn’t need anything…? but..
Dunk needs your help so good luck.

Hannah Needs A New Name.
Glenn needs to pay attention. –> Hannah, any comments on this one?? lmao

Kelly needs to be on top of the details of her job
Greg Needs a Friend
Tiggy needs a cuddle partner.
Monkey needs to raise his profile this year.

Michelle needs to just shut up –> I swear to god!!!! oh my god!!! lol try it. it’s what comes up!! lol
Gaynor needs to consume 3500 calories daily to maintain her training regimen, –> LMAO!!
Raymond Needs You!

TERENA needs to stay at the forefront of developments
All Paul Needs Is Love —> Ahhh

Rachel Needs Some Good Thoughts.
Ann needs to get a spine –> didn’t know you were havinG back probs mate πŸ˜‰
Jeremy needs to have a system that will allow him to move –> Have you both got spine issues??? lmao
Darren needs parents who will enjoy his many attractive qualities while being realistic about his limitations.
Suzie Needs Exercise & Health Talk.

Jill needs a resolution
Sally needs more action in the Valley –> MMMmmmm? LMAO!

Stanley needs a new home please –> OH NO!! πŸ™
Hendrix needs to do a better job at being quick on his feet and answering such criticism

Jac needs proper medical treatment on his injured foot
Rowan needs another rowan nearby to make fruit
Gerin needs defending –> Why what’s he been up to??

ADI needs to. absorb more energy to have carbide precipitates or. stress-induced martensitic Transformation.–> Adi… Full interpretation required.
Sarah needs to get her life back & establish herself as a person in charge!–> Nah she has Adi well under control πŸ˜‰

Tina needs someone nice ;o) in TV/TS/CD and Fetish swingers photo ads. –> But she’s getting married!!
Matthew needs an adoptive family with a positive male role model –>lmao -all that ABBA has to be attributed to someone!!
MONTY NEEDS NEW HOME URGENTLY –> is he going to run away with stan??
Thea needs psychiatric help –> what are you doing to these cats???

Megan needs a theme song MEGAN NEEDS HELP Megan needs lots of encouragement
NICK NEEDS MEDS Petition -> Always knew that there was something wrong there πŸ˜‰
Wayne needs to Use the Bathroom Letterbox –> ??
Craig needs to sell his ’92 Saturn
Claire needs to shear all her sheep in a matter of days –> Baaaa


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