It’s a boy (most definitely!)

Emrys - 18.5 Weeks with Banana

Banana added in post-production ūüėČ

Today was our long-awaited “20 week” scan (which is actually taking place at 18.5 weeks).

Having (perhaps a little eagerly) got to the hospital 45 minutes early on the premise of getting Moch’s blood tests done, I was quickly on the receiving end of an ‘early Monday’ OAP seduction (the ‘late Sunday’ one’s aren’t too bad!). Whilst in the waiting room at the pathology department, I was kindly offering the elderly couple my seat (as there was only one left) when the elderly lady said “it has been quite a whilst since I’ve sat on somebodies lap!” – I laughed and kindly declined, you sweet old vixen – not today! (Tomorrow at 4pm?)

With the bloods, and related seduction attempts, satisfied we ventured down to the radiology department to get our scan done, the “exciting” bit as far as we were concerned! ¬†Still a good 30 minutes early, we took the opportunity to watch Russia seize a Gold medal from Brazil in the Volley Ball, Russia seize a Gold medal from Belarus in the ‘Rhythmic’ Gymnastics and a somewhat comedic (and slightly tragic!) highlight of all the faults throughout the Olympics. My favourite being the almightly belly-flop by one of the divers! Golden!

Finally, we were called in for our scan with a pleasant, female radiologist called “Chris”. She undertook a fairly rigorous 45 minute tour of Baby Woowaa, measuring: the size of the head, belly and legs, checking for a fully developed heart, brain and kidneys and then having a slight giggle at the size of the babies feet! They are rather large…

We’re happy to say (& see!) that all seems to be going well with the baby’s development, all limbs are in the right place and, as long as we weren’t¬†deceived¬†by a strategically placed leg, we are most¬†definitely¬†having a baby boy!


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  1. mochinbach 7 years ago

    Photo-shopping our unborn baby…. Oh dear!!

  2. MummyCow 7 years ago

    A healthy-eating baby or a major piece of father boasting!


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