It’s been a while

It’s late, 11.13pm to be precise and I’m lazily browsing the internet. Matt’s away on business so, apart from Hen and Stan, I’m all alone… LOL. Don’t need to worry though, it’s all good and I have managed to keep myself more than occupied. I love my man very very but I still manage to function perfectly well when he’s not around! lol

Been searching the internet for interesting online education innovations. (Tribal Tech exempt of course;) and remembered that a colleague of mine told me about Moodle
this is a very exciting place to look at (Bogus, you’d love it, so would LOF) and I am hoping that it’s not too far over my head and I’ll be able to use it. It’s shareware so I’m extracting it onto my lap top as we speak. Check it out, it’s a whole community of developers… (like a carrot to two men I know — follow the carrot)

I realise that I haven’t entered anything on her for ages and thought that I’d better check in with cyber space before you all start to wonder whether that tonsillitis was the end of me… lol

It’s the Easter hols now and I’ve spent the last week redecorating the bedroom. It’s lovely now, in creams and chocolate browns and Hendrix and Stan are loving the new choice of fluffy bed throw that Matt chose in Tesco (12.99 – bargain!) That aside I really haven’t managed to do much else.

Been to the gym lots. Went to two classes tonight! One after the other, and I’ll be off to Pilates tomorrow.. Some call it crazy, others dedication.

This entry is rather dull I suppose…. lol that would be why I haven’t written for ages then .

I can, of course, now drink coffee and tea. Lent is over. The problem is… and this will shock those who know me best,…. I don’t want to. It took until today for me to have my first cup of coffee and tea and as soon as I’d drank half the coffee I poured it down the sink. It made me thirsty! lol. The tea that Span made me later went some way to quenching that thirst but I much prefer water … that seemed so unlikely a few months ago. LOL. Oh well it’ll help me to stay healthy I suppose. No return to yellow furry tongues for me.

The extraction of Moodle is taking ages…. worryingly. lol

See ya!


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