It’s been nearly 2 weeks

Since we moved in and hasn’t time flown. We should be online properly by Monday (fingers crossed) although we are using dial up and am online occasionaly. We looked at another car today, a Hyundai Lantra wagon. We have been reliably informed that you can sleep in the back of it (at which point Lofs eyes lit up) We’re having this one tested by the RAA and we’re really hoping that this time you won’t have the option to drive it like Fred Flinstone when you run out of petrol! πŸ˜‰

I went to big W today and bought a lilo with a clear window for fish spotting. Having said that there was a fin bobbing about in the sea today at dinner time. It was amusing to watch the swimmers run towards the shore. Relax, it was a dolphin and it was very close to the sand. It has made us a little uneasy about how close a potentially hungry shark might be able to come into shore. Lof engaged in a discussion with a local, aged, wise fisherman who gave him the gruesome details of the time a young man’s body was found on the beach around the time a large shark was spotted slightly further out to sea. lol. He wasn’t lying either. Just type in shark and westbeach into google…

We’ve also bought a snorkel set although after today I am not sure of our confidence levels in going out to deep and becoming to happy with the ickle fishes with pointy fins and wonky, sharp teeth! lol

The sea might well be the best option however as the temperature is set to reach over 40 degree C tomorrow. LOF and I do find the weather forcast amusing. It goes something like this…

“and a day to stay in doors tomorrow as Adelaide hits the horendous 40 degrees again. ”
We’re so used to having to stay in when it rains and go out when it’s sunny it’s a little strange. At least we have air-con and sea breezes. Check Skype though. There is a chance that I will be sat on the PC job hunting and writing to schools offering my services as a teacher for free. I am not alowed to be paid until I am on the register. I am however, perfectly ok to work with children for free. mmm. lol.

We’re watching 50 first dates at the moment. It’s on the tele and its 9:20pm.
Off to laugh at the little penguin and Adam Sandlar. If i’m not on skype then text me and i’ll chat online with you. Just make sure to check the Adelaide clock first! πŸ˜‰
Skype will work on dialup but i’m not sure if we’ll be able to use the phone. Nothing stopping us using the webcam or the chat applet (by typing)

Take care.

P.s. go and see music and lyrics… Its great. I loved it and can’t get “way back into love” out of my head.


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