It’s Raining Aliens – Baby Showers!

I’m nearly 34 weeks now (that honor will befall us on Wednesday) and i’m getting bigger and bigger 🙂
This some lovely friends of mine held a little baby shower in mine and Emrys’ honour!

View on the ‘big screen’

We had fun!  We played games like – how many pieces of loo roll do you think it would take to wrap (just once) around Selena’s Belly, steal the dummy/peg, anagram games and traditional guessing how many jelly babies in the bottle. (I’ve eaten those now… – sorry)  If you said the word ‘baby’ and someone else heard you, then you were entitled to steal the little blue dummy from around their neck. That’s why my neighbour, Mary, decided that we should refer to him as an alien !! lol… Thus the title. 😉

We ate absolutely tonnes of food, chatted about experiences, hopes and expectations, opened a heap of pressies!  Woot! Thank you ladies! Christmas came early.  As you can see from the photos above, Emrys now has far more clothes than I do!  The one’s on the line all came from Mum!  She’s been knitting too.  We got a lovely crocheted blanket and three beautiful little jumpers.  She’s knitted them out of very fine wool and I’m hoping that he’ll be able to to wear them during cooler evenings 🙂

He’s also got a pirate t-shirt, some monster bibs and rattle, some photo frames with robots on, a musical inchworm (you put your baby next to it every week and take a picture so you can see how much he grows), lots of practical creams, nappies, wipes, soaps etc, loads of toys…  cripes! He had heaps!  I also got treated to a beautiful Pandora bracelet with a little pram on it.  The idea, according to Tina, is to add to it with each of our babies 🙂 There are three sections to it 😉  Mum will be pleased to here that she announced it as a way to both treat the mum and increase my ‘girliness’ lol.  We also got a lovely oil burner from Margot to help us all relax 🙂  1,2,3… relax 🙂

It was lovely to have lots of ladies around, chatting and being silly.  Matt went for a long walk up a short hill instead!

He’s gone off to Sydney this week.  He’s there Monday – Friday for the next three weeks so i’m just hoping Emrys behaves and stays in his nice, snug little bubble!  He shouldn’t be coming before Matt comes back anyway – He won’t even be 37 weeks until he returns.  Then, he can arrive when he likes!  With the exception of a few last minute purchases and pick ups i reckon we’re as ready as we’ll ever be!  I can’t wait to meet him now 🙂  He’s still spends the day wriggling around like a worm so I’m pretty confident that he can’t sit still either!!  When ever I complain about that – people ask me if I’ve met his mother… I can’t think why!?





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